A.U.S. Unicon X Countdown.

)–/=========O VIA UNI MAIL O===========/–(

Dear All,

I forward this note to the NG just to display the enthusiasm and progress of an
Australian Unicyclist and magician named Chris Vevers. Since being associated
the USHK while living in HK, he’s “Got the UNI Fever,” and his son “UNI NIC”
Vevers has shot up the ranks to Level 5 in 15 months!

Many of you will meet the Vevers in Beijing, but many won’t be there. So I’d
just like you all to join me in giving them both, and their nascent
A.U.S. National Organization a round of applause in advance!


Steve Dressler - “The Uni Male”

President “The Unicycling Society of Kong Kong” Co-Founder “The Filipino
Unicycling Network” Big Brother of “A.U.S.” One Time Member of “U.S.A.”

>From: “Australian Unicycling Society” <unicyc@afmagic.com> Subject: Unicon X
>Countdown. Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:20:26 +0800

Chris Vevers (A.U.S. Chief) wrote:

Dear AUS members,

There will be 3 AUS members represented at Unicon
B. In Beijing it is expected that AUS will be given the official nod to be the
Australian National body representing unicycling and the International
Unicycling Federation in Oz and to prepare an Oz team for Unicon XI in 2002.

This is the last bulletin to the AUS mail list until we return to Oz on 24
September 2000. All our email and website addresses will be unchanged. Snail
mail and Oz phones are as listed below. After Unicon X, we go to Switzerland to
ride around Lake Geneva, then to Paris to do a few laps of the Eiffel Tower,
then a quick trip to London to ride Tower Bridge and then finally back to
Canberra to enjoy some Muni.

In Canberra we will do all the legal work to officially establish the AUS and
prepare to hold the first Australian National Unicycle Championships in 2001. We
will hold IUF testing at Bondi Beach in late October for all those who would
like to get their Level 1 IUF patches.

Please advise us if you will be there, if we do not get enough takers for
October we may have to postpone it until later. If you check the AUS news
service on my website you will find the details of how to get your level 1.

Enjoy the Olympics and we hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes,

Chris Vevers

2491 0422

AUSTRALIA 62574410 Mob: 0419 302 904 Email unicyc@afmagic.com Check Out the AUS
page on our Website on www.afmagic.com today!!!

Ask to be added to our mail list!