A tube is a tube...or is it?

Looking to replace the tubes in our unis… want to be proactive before it becomes a necessity due to a flat. Still have the original tubes…about 2 years old…

Wondering about brands/quality…and any suggestions.

Have a Nimbus street 19", and a number of Koxx-1 20" trials.

Thank you.

I just buy 20 inch bmx tubes. They’re cheap and still pretty strong. I blew my only true trials tube in a month but most of my bmx tubes last about 10 months.

Schwalbe tubes allways kept air longer than others in all of my wheels. The Stock ones in my bke wheels lost air really fast and I had to pump them up before every second ride. The stock duro in my 24" uni kept air really good, but was a heavy beast, so I went tubeless. The Continental tubes hat to be reinflated once a month and the schwalbe tubes at my bke I used to reinflate only about 2 to 3 times a year.