A trick i invented?

I think I invented a trick…
What I tried to do, was to ride flat out towards a rail (a freestanding
rail where it’s just a bar, nothing above, below, or behind it) and
then hit it with my stomach and do a forward roll about the rail -
taking the unicycle over the rail with the momentum of my legs… and
then landing it on the other side and riding away.

this all sounded really incredible in my head… but when I tried to do
it, I found the unicycle ( nimbus trials ) was much too heavy for me to
lift up just with my knees, and so I decided just to roll over the rail
without the unicycle and just let it fall to the floor.
This is exactly what I did… but when I let go of the unicycle and
rolled over, the seat fell forwards and it’s handle smacked me in the
mouth as I was rolling forward, upside down about the rail.
A nice fat, cut lip says that it’s a bad idea.
Good in theory though.

Unless I am misunderstanding, this will never work. If you ride up and forward roll over the rail, completing a roll will put you back on the same side you started on.



maybe he means something like this:

that makes sense (nice illust. :slight_smile: )
but it still seems kinda hard…

…but he said he runs into it with his stomach

I’ve slightly modified Dizard’s drawing to what I think the guy meant (the blue uni guy is really cool so I made sure to give Dizard a copyright on it :stuck_out_tongue: )

If the way I sketched it is what he means, not only does that sound painful if you make one slipup, but it looks highly improbable, especially the landing.

not to get off subject,but, I just thought of a mount.
what you do is, the pedal that you normally do not mount with is in back, you jump tap that pedal so the wheel rolls back,( while you roll back also), and you land on your dominent pedal in back. I doubt I could do this but I thought I might suggest it.

… could you draw that too? I don’t quite get it :slight_smile:


yeah…it’s mega-hard. I’ve never been able to do it but I’ve done something somewhat similar. sliding down a ledge on your back then riding away…it was REALLY sketch though, needless to say that it’s not exactly easy to slide on one’s back.

True, but if you only did half a rotation you could end up riding out of the roll backwards, on the other side of the rail.

You could do it on a bc probably. it’d more likely work on one of those…but maybe if you had really strong leg muscles, you could pull the unicycle over after you kinda thing, but you’d probably end up knocking yourself out with the wheel or something…I know what I’m trying to say, but I’m sure no one else does now :-/

Maybe this will help? :D:

But then you’d still be upside-down

someone, I think Yoggi, did something like that in a video…but instead of on his back, he rode up to a handrail and turned 90 degrees and landed on the back of the seat, and grinded down it on his butt, then rode out.

Dizard’s drawing was correct.

OH WOW, dudewithasock’s illustration just had me cracking up laughing! It was exactly the way I had understood it to be when I read Miek’s post, and with the same expected outcome (him hurting himself and/or it just not working)


Sorry to laugh at you, man, but that was funny.

I think I’ll try something like that next time I find an appropriate rail, though.

After half a rotation your head would be pointing towards the ground. You could then do a handspring (off the ground) catapulting the wheel over your body and then ride away :slight_smile: Or smash into the ground, which ever comes first.

Re: A trick i invented?

lol, dudewithasock got it right in this one:

(sorry to take so long to reply)
JackOlsen said it was impossible… and that was entirely my point!
That’s why I was explaining how I didn’t have the strength to lift up
the unicycle over my head with my legs and also I couldn’t land on my
And that is why I ended up (at the third frame of the diagram drawn by
dudewithasock) lying on my back, with the unicycle still on the other
side of the rail… of which the seat then fell smack into my FACE!

… word!

hey evan should try that bc wheel thing but it would look cool if u let thr wheel roll under the rail as u went over it but the wheel wood probly go too fast