a tribute to the unicycle factory...

I saw it, liked it, and now I’m building one too!


That would be hilarious to ride down the sidewalk.

I think the original one was made for riding in parades. When the parade halts, just lean back and rest on the wheelbarrow stands, and when everything moves again, just lean forward and pedal… I have a pair of friends, a father and daughter, one is relearning to ride, and the other is learning on her new UDC unicycle since trying mine. They have an annual parade in a farming community. They are the inspiration for the tribute “unibarrow”.

where do you sit?

That would be pretty painful to sit on, but if that’s what you’re into :wink:

I’d love to see someone riding that.

I think it’s a 25.4, woulda thunk 27.2… thank goodness for vernier calipers! I think I’ll get a seat post and $25 saddle from the folks at UDC! that stuff and a piece of flat stock steel from one of the right side wheel bolts to my angle iron platform welded to the flexy barrow should finish it up nicely… maybe some green paint too.

if it doesnt work out, then take off everything you added and ride it wheelwalking without a seat…

I think I moved the wheel too far back to wheel walk…

unless you turn it upside down???i dont know. it looks like you could move the wheel.

That’s lovely!
I was planning to build one soon to!

Love it

I’ve got a video tape from Tom Miller with him riding his wheel barrow giraffe. You should call him up and tell him about your project! (He won’t see this because he shuns computers. The Unicycle Factory website is done by a friend.)

Damn, I don’t even have a vcr… I can mail him print outs…

another shot of the original!

Copy of DSC01078.jpg


Isn’t that kinda cheating the freemount?

well it’s good to at least know someone has figured out a way to put a rack on a unicycle, gear that sucker up and go touring, it’s perfect.

also. . . on a separate note, this is my 420th post O:-) just thought it was funny.

it cheats idling too.

That shows a better construction between frame and wheel.
I don’t want to be negative, but I’m affraid the one by kb1jw will not last long, as I doubt the thin corroded metal plate is strong enough to deal with the forces of a tall unicycle. Also I’m in doubt the wood will hold the vertical forces of your weight. I hope it does, but… better wear some wrist-protectors when riding. And please show some video of succes! (and tell us how it rides!).

I added two braces between the angle iron “crown” to the wooden frame where it bolts to the wheel. It still has flex, I’ll add chain tension, get a seat and post to test it out.

Oh man. That looks smokin’ heavy!