a sucky video

yeah, almost all of my clips got messed up, and my music wouldn’t upload, and the quality is really bad considering the quality of the camera that I’m using, so there is only like 5 clips, but oh well.


You’re always improving keep it up! I wanna be as good as you when I grow up!;):smiley:

great job dude, im working on some of that stuff right now, namely rolling unispins, and you made it look pretty easy, keep up the good work.

leg around to 1 foot unispin


Pretty cool Miles.

are yo still gonna make it tomorrow? cause it would be cool if we could meet at that trail.

Has anyone here ever had the problem of google video not working for them?

That’s pretty cool man.

nice varial:)

You are the king of setup hops.


Spencer does more setup hopes than me on rock lines.


Ah yes, good old setup hops, the “studderer” of the unicycle world!:smiley:

just because you said that, my next vid will have no setup hops.

Haha, because you saw one random clip of me from a trials comp when I didn’t even know I was being filmed?
In most cases that is not true at all.

In most cases you don’t even do trials.




where’s the clip? I wanna see. not because you supposedly did alot of set-up hops, because I’m hungry for trials videos.

It’s from the 'bibbles summer vid.

lemme find it.

um, ok.

How did Evan’s comment about you doing set up hops bring me into this?

Do that, there are few no setup hop trials videos.

does a pre-hop to use the spring of your tire count as a setup hop?