A streetlight Unicycle performer with a broken axis

I’m new here in this website although I’m riding for 8 years. lately I started to work on my unicycle doing street performances.
my first unicycle got his pedal bended so I got a new stronger 2nd hand one of Qu-ax I assume its model name is Muni but I’m still figuring it out.
anyway it got broken as well. the connection of the crank to the hub/axis

I am riding for a while but not part of any community and don’t have a lot of knowledge about the wide world of unicycles. now discovering how wide it is…

Any tips about which unicycle should I buy? specific model? maybe just replacing the axis can be enough to an ISIS axis?
looking for something light and strong that will endure hours of jumping on as part of performing in the streets of Israel

Many thanks

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Welcome and sorry to hear about broken gear. That’s not fun!

I think the first thing to understand is what size wheel you’re riding - and then from there a budget. That way recommendations can be tailored to match that.

There are quite a surprising array of options - so be useful to know the above first before I try and chime in with a suggestion :grinning:

Buy some sort of trials unicycle they’re small and built like tanks. They could withstand all sorts of drops/jumps. They generally come in 19" wheel size which I imagine would be ideal for a street setting.

I’ts a 24"/48cm wheel

Do you have a recommendation about a specific model?

Right now in Israel in stock there’s only RGB model by QX
In June there will be more models that are cheaper.

Not sure if to wait, or buy online the Unicycle Kahero Longneck as an expensive option or the [Unicycle Impact Athmos as a cheaper option
or just buy the RGB that is available and will arrive the fastest so I can make some money to regain all the money I’m spending on unicycles!

I’m not a trials rider myself and have only ever used a KH 19" trials briefly myself but it seemed very sturdily built. Someone more experienced with that style of riding will be able to advise you better with a specific model. I would think just about any trials unicycle would be suitable for your needs but not certain.

Impact Atmos is a strong uni. If you are short on money look for a second hand Koxx uni they are idestructibles tank in a 19" wheel

There is a very good unicycle rider from Israel named Dao Shani. You may find him on social media he is very popular and ask for help or advice on parts or where and what to buy

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Now I have 2 offers for a second hand unicycle and cant make up my mind.

one is a koxx 20"

  • Longneck 300mm Signature Alloy Frame
  • 27.2mm Koxx Alloy Seatpost
  • Koxx Light Slim Saddle
  • Koxx Light 36H ISIS Hub
  • Koxx Light 90mm ISIS Cranks
  • MKS Indoor Pedals
  • KHE Mac 20x1.5" white tire
  • KHE Big-O 36H Rim
  • Sapim 2mm Spokes

The second option is an impact based unicycle (with Impact frame and chair)
with a strong BMX wheel
Nimbus axis/hub
Quax aluminum cranks

They cost pretty much the same
got any recommendations?


I’d probably recommend the second (impact based) option.

The Koxx freestyle unicycles were very nice, but the frames had a habit of breaking with hard use and for a street performer, I think 90mm cranks are probably a bit short.

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Thank you so much for the advice!