A Story Males May Want To Hear

This story is a little embarrasing, so I hope you can think about this topic with a mature attitude. This is something that I thought many unicyclists would want to know about.

 I was riding my new Torker TX, and having a good time, when all of a sudden I felt that I needed to urinate. This was no problem, as I was close to my high school, and decided to use their restroom. I went to the urinal, and began to, well you know, go.

 At once, I began to have a burning sensation. It hurt very badly, and I didn't know what to do. I waited until the next day, and the problem was still going on. I went to see my doctor, and he told me that I had Acute Prostatitus. My doctor said it was most likely from unicycling. What was interesting to me was that I had only ridden for about an hour, and a ride lasting up to about 3 hours is no surprise for me.

 It has been a few days now, and I feel much better, but I thought that some of you would like to know about this, so that you would be prepared in the event you had similar symptoms, and wanted to know what to do. 

Here is a link about Prostatitus from Webmd.com if anyone is interested.


Did he tell you why unicycling could have caused this?

He said it was probably from the impact of the saddle while riding. Hope that answers your question adequately.

so what do you do about it? Just wait until it goes away and then you are fine?

i had that. i jumped a 4 set and didnt lift off my seat. ie. landed on my gooch(perenium). hurt to pee later. went away soon after.

My doc prescribed some antibiotics, (just in case) but I have not had a fever so I was reasonably sure it was not an infection. I could not take the antibiotics for a couple days after that anyway because I was doing a 48 hour fast for my church.

 I just waited a couple days and it was better. I just thought that this has had to happen to other people, and may in the future. It was pretty scary for the first day, so I wanted unicycling males to know that if this happens to them, that it may just be temporary, but it is worth it to get checked out. Since it has to do with your prostate, most people instantly freak out, but it was just the usual heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc. (They also took a urine sample for me, nothing invasive)

just curious, sanguinsanity, how old are you? i mean, is this something that happened to a teenager, or …

I wonder that too :thinking:

the lesson is:
don’t sit on them!

That’s kinda scary. Ive had those symptoms before aswell. Mercy!

P.S. Woa, there’s 2 deer outside.

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wait a minute boy: I know a lot about doctors misdiagnosting prostatitis.
first I am much older than you are and prostatis is much more an age problem.
BUT I had a lot a wrong diagnostics from doctors until one discovered that this was much more a veinous problem : that is I often have problems from some veins that hurts. In that case you may have some analoguous problems in other circumstances … but at your age I have doubts about a real prostatis (unless you had an urinal infection) … as for the unicycling factor again having veins problems could be a factor when you sit for a long time …
that’s all

Yes, prostatitis is an ‘age problem’, but this young buck is in the target group, you however, are not:

Who is affected by prostatitis?
Prostatitis affects men of all ages. It is most common in men younger than 50.

This complaint accounts for up to 25% of all medical office visits by young and middle-age men for issues relating to the genital and urinary systems.

(baffled: I thought the contrary was true) so again a reason to think I am younger:D

I highly doubt your problem was caused specifically by the unicycle, unless it has a particularly horrible seat. Not to discount your doctor’s medical knowledge, which I don’t question. I just question his knowledge of unicycling and whether there’s a history of this problem. There isn’t among our community, only isolated incidences.

I have experienced similar symptoms, but not since my very early days of riding (around your age). This was when doing very long rides on old-style Schwinn seats. But the burning sensation never lasted overnight that I remember, even after a 75km charity ride on geared-up giraffes.

It’s possible you have veins that are more prone to this problem, or that you had a big seat impact that caused some damage. Or again that your seat is pretty bad, and/or it just doesn’t fit well with your anatomy. If you want, please describe your actual seat (better yet, post a picture). Being that it’s a Torker, thousands of other people are probably using the same seat every day though. If your seat is rounded across the center, meaning that the highest point is down the center of the seat, I highly recommend switching to a different brand before you have more problems.

You ride a unicycle! That makes you younger than 99% of the folks your age :smiley:

never thought that, never said that!
happened before unicycling!

…like one of these:
gel (Nimbus or KH), KH Fusion Freeride, or Wallis Design