A Sticky Situation

This weekend I was attempting to crankflip off a skinny. I fell and found myself in a rather sticky situation:

Has anyone else fell into anything interesting?

Not that I don’t believe your video, but I think your grass is full of S##t! :stuck_out_tongue: But a much worse and more painful outcome could have been landing on the sharp corner of that “T” connected at the end of the skinny! Looks like you just missed it!

PS: Also, should the title be a Stinky situation?! :wink:

It’s bad enough dodging the dog, goose, and horse droppings on the trails. I can’t imagine having to dodge it at home too.

It was sort of an optical illusion, I was not nearly as close to the “T” as it looked. It would have been a stinky situation, but I had a cold so that didn’t affect me.

I’m really glad that it was a miniature poodle dropping and not a horse dropping.