A stand for Bunis

Greetings unipeople. Just bought myself a Nimbus 36" and I find the thing quite ungainly to handle inside the house. So I wonder if someone has designed a stand where you can let your Buni (Big uni) rest in an upright position between rides.

If you didn’t mind drilling holes in your wall…

I use a pair of Saris WheelArch bicycle stands for my 29er and 36er. The wheelarch isn’t designed for such big wheels, but on the other hand it is designed to hold up a whole bicycle. I find that in practice, my big wheels are fine on it, although it does put some pressure on the spokes which I guess could cause some problems eventually.

My preferred way to store my unicycles is to hang them by the handle from screw in hooks like these screwed into a ceiling joist.

Something like this?


How high up on the 36"-wheel does it reach?

One of the first lessons I learned about big-wheel unicycles is that they’re not supposed to stand up when you aren’t riding them. The best way to park one (when out riding, for example) is to lean it against a wall with the seat on the ground. Try to balance the seat on top and it will end up with the seat on the ground by the time you come back anyway!

At home mine hang on bike hooks in the ceiling (garage). You might need an extra-fat hook for a Coker or 3.0 MUni. Most other tires seem to fit standard bike hooks just fine. For easy in-house parking, I’d still recommend leaving the seat down, or creating something on the wall to hook the seat on.

“Luni” (Large uni) Pronounced “Loonie”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boy, does that fit you! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I see you, and raise you 2!:p:p:p:p

(Btw, I take that as a compliment! But I’m not yet at the Kris Holm insanity level of riding [carfree] on a skinny armrail 100 feet above gound! Translation: Just give me time lol!)