A small motivational video. From beginner to KH29 Schlumpf

Hi. Here is my documented history of learning to ride a unicycle - from beginner to riding KH29 with Schlumpf. When I was learning to ride I watched different videos that kept me motivated. Watching other’s people progress was really helpful for me. So I decided to make my own version of it to help someone else to keep practicing. 20 hours were just enough to acquire some basic skills. The first 20 hours rule has worked!
The video was filmed 3 years ago. I found time to make it only now.

Nice video. Congratulations and thanks for posting it.

Great video!

PS which city is that? looks familiar

Very cool video!

It was filmed in Moscow. The first 4 parts were shot during lunchtime at work. The last part with G29 was shot after about 1.5 years of riding and about 3 months after buying and building G29.