"A Single Point Of Contact"

Here it is. Its a video with my new unicycle. Please leave a comment on the video. Enjoy.

Alright man I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, so don’t take this too seriously.

I find it hard to watch your videos all the way through. Their just not interesting enough. Alot of it seems repetitive and slow.

Try making shorter vids, with the highlights of your rides. Your not a bad rider at all, just try to make the vids not so repetitive.

Have fun man, your new uni looks good:)

thanks. I tried to make it shorted this time and Ill definatly take your advice seriously… thanks about the new uni. I love it.

were you on those rocks your dad built! :open_mouth:
Ok video though, I didn’t really like how it opened. Maybe along w/ the name of the video going across you can also put the name on the very top so you can read it easier.

i would have to say that your new unicycle looks nice. the riding is kinda so so though.

well I wasnt really “ON” the rocks, I was on the plain concrete ones that werent done.haha
I know my riding wasnt very good… it was rainy and I am still not use to the new ride…

not dads rocks:D :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

ok riding…but you shouldn’t show the clips where you mass up at the end…(fade out b4 that part:p)

okay thanks oneisenough

oopsees…i meant mess:p for those who are wondering if “massing up” is new crash lingo;) …it was just a typo…srry:o

I think your videos are getting better, but they do seem to be missing something.

To be honest, I didn’t really like this one. The music wasn’t very good and didn’t really add anything to the video. I think if you found a cooler tune it would make your videos way more interesting and more enjoyable to watch.

Also, it kinda seems like you rush to get the footage you need for the vid. I’m saying this because it looked like you screwed up on a lot of the trials lines you did, but just used the footage anyways. I think you should take more time to film for your videos, and if you don’t finish a line properly, re start from the begining. It will make your riding and the video look much more impressive.

This is all just constructive criticism and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way. I can tell you are defently getting better.

Edit: I just watched it again and I liked it a lot more

okay. thank you. and you liked it beter the second time?

Haha, your username came back to bite ya in the butt. Would you mind if I called you Nimbusdudetrials from now on? lol just toying with you. Nice looking uni. The riding was a little repetitive, and got a little boring, but i always watch the full thing no matter how long it its. You have seriously improved, but just work on sizing down the amount of prehops.

Your getting much better though.

is that a KH wheelset? with a nimbus hub?
the rim looks drilled?

anyways, i actually liked your video with the exception of one thing. SPEED
speed up your lines a LOT before you film them. lets just say a line you spend 15 seconds on will look a whole lot better when its done in 3 seconds.

videos are definitely improving, but highlights are key. my better videos are made with highlights from a MONTH of riding. my latest one was 2 hours of riding out of my style, and you can see how that one turned out if you want.

practice is the key.

once you get a line, get confidence, do it 5 times, even 6, convince yourself that its an easy line.

okay, Ill work on that daf inantly… and ill spend more time on the videos in the future, and do better stuff.

Thanks, and yea i know it wasnt my best video but I just wanted to show my new uni pretty much…

Lower your seat a bit man, you have no room to bend your legs.

Also, try to hop more accurately, I don’t really know how to explain this…

When you’re hopping, it’s all over the place for correctional hops, which makes it look really sloppy.

Or when you hop like 3-4 times to turn around, practice just doing a 180 instead, this makes it both look better, as well as conserves energy.

Also be really careful with that hub… you WILL bend flanges if you hit them by accident.

You should get an old wheel, buy a spoke wrench, and learn how to build and true wheels. This will keep your wheel lasting a lot longer.

Looks like you run a really low tire pressure too. If you ever bottom out, or think you might have but you’re not sure, put a couple extra PSI in the tire. Flat spots cause a lot of problems.

I mean all of this in the nicest way possible, since the only people who comment on my posts seem to think I’m being rude? Just trying to make you a better rider, as well as a smarter rider.

i agree with a lot of what you said, but flatspots really don’t hurt much, hops the size of what he’s doing aren’t huge. they aren’t going to flatspot or REALLY damage a rim at all if he rode it with a layer of rubber over it. it takes A LOT to flatspot a rim, and as long as he keeps his wheel in good repair it will be fine.

one more thing.
I have NOT bent my flanges
at all… my favorite thing to do in trials is a ROLLING crank grab.
i’ve bashed my flanges ReALLy hard, and they are fine. keep your spokes nice and tight and you should’t have a problem at all really.

When he starts doing bigger drops it will flat spot :wink: Especially if he doesn’t put more pressure in his tire.

I could see him cracking another rim Haha!

yay an Arizona rider. have you ever been to arizonaunicycleclub.com? maby you could make it to some of the rides. i unfortunately havent been able to make it to any of them yet but i want too!keep practicing also work on your still standing. it will help you have more balanced, controlled hops.


I guess it was because of how you fell to stop that clip that made it look like you kept screwing up the lines. After I watched it again I noticed this.

okay. thanks matt_V