A simple poem

It was long past sundown.

The heat and moisture of the night
mingled together in a sweltering haze.

People sat in iron-wrought chairs, drinking and talking,
as the halos of lamp lights revealed bronze goblins
playing in gardens of stone.

Gentle guitar fingers, tender and soothing,
worked the cares from a weary world.

Among sleeping cars, one wheel danced.


If only my unicycling could be so… elegant.

“Among sleeping cars one wheel wobbled around a bit then crashed to the ground, its owner leaping off clutching his smashed shin shouting at the top of his voice “YEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!””…

Phil, just me

Excellent Poem! Did you write that poem Lewis? Best unicycle poem I have seen so far. While reading it, I actually felt as if I were in the scene. I may frame that one. Thanks for sharing



Yeah, I wrote it just then as I posted it. I always liked poetry, but I am not good enough to put out tons and tons of stuff. So, I just write when I have an experience, good or bad, that I just can’t quite forget. (I write down about one a year or so, thats all I’m good for. :slight_smile: )

That event was from last night, and it was a great time.

Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you could be there too!


I CC’ed Tom Waits -gave him fair warning that my imagination used his voice to read your words… a gravely voice from a fog of smoke, pausing to take a nip of gin between lines; the bar-flies of my mind cock their heads to listen to a sound of unexpected thunder, the tittering of a bird from an incongreous, ugly place before wheeling off to the John or in pairs through the saloon doors of my mind to form bicycles in private -transient beauty forgoten before it can mar what would otherwise be a perfectly miserable existance.



Ugh. I don’t imagine voices reading words. I just go straight from words to imagery. :slight_smile: To me, that experience was like cloud nine, not like being down on my luck in a dive somewhere, so I will continue to imagine it without his voice.

Thanks for taking the time to read it though …


wow, art.

thank you lewis

but only one a year? well, i vote to lock you up in a garret somewhere with a stack of paper & pens.

no,lets lock him up with some bike tools

No lie! That is the treatment I need! Please?! :slight_smile:

Regarding the poetry though, if you lock somebody up, then they don’t have the experiences that inspire them. Well, after a few poems about imprisonment, it’d get stale. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks to everybody who dug the poem. I appreciate any comments, love it or hate it.

My main goal was just to communicate what it was like to be there.

Back to my usual posts whining abou tools or wheel size or whatnot. :slight_smile:


Re: A simple poem

defenetly a good poem though. it connected visualy very very well. I read
it at about 2 am and was forced to go out riding for several hours after
reading it. I have to agree with the tom waits voice though. Personaly it
gave me a down on your luck cloud 9 type expierience. and when i am in that
kind of cloud 9 down on your luck kinda mood, invariebly i pick up either an
acoustic guitar, or a uncycle.

trevor andersen