A short video me and mike grim made

me and mike grim made this video two-three weeks ago at a local park called the landing. it was really fun. there isn’t any amazing tricks on my end, but i like it. its pretty cool i think:),.

Very nice video :)! keep it up

mike already posted this like 2 weeks ago

The best video releasead in the past weeksn i’d say

Fun to see a video not trying to lok like al other vdeos.It reminded me very much about Luke collalto. It’s very clean riding and you seem to have so fun while riding. And you really manages to reach out with your happiness creating a warm feeling making it fun to watch it. Even making it fun for me to watch tough i am a trials rider :wink:

BTW, which camcorder do you use? really brilliant colours!

yeah as said above, great vid! Quite motivational too actually lol

Nice one.

0:35=one way to wipe off a bench. :stuck_out_tongue: