A short clip of me

nothing special but hey, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU8RrIf1Klc


weird, I watched that a few minets befor viewing this thread (it was on the side bar)

I liked your distance on the crankflip.

haha yea i jumped out really far lol

nice well done

btw neither of those tricks are good enough to deserve slow motion or seeing them more than once.

What makes a trick good enough for slow motion?

being impressive. like 360 unispining off a large table. or crankflipping a 6.

basically something really big. or something that happens to fast for you to see what happens.

well maybe he is not at that level

if he was at that level he would have posted the bigger tricks. he isn’t. his tricks aren’t that impressive. (no offense). so they should not be slowmowed and playeda couple of times

Nice job. I’m still working on my 360, so it was good to see yours in slow mo.

I disagree.

Any trick can be put in slow motion if it’s clean and worthy of being seen again.

plus, for him, its as good as cranklfipping a 6 set for other people, thus people should be able to admire at more than once!

yeah but a 360 unispin is still just a 360 unispin. unless the guy only has one arm and one leg it still isn’t that impressive

But it is impressive for his abilities. If you really don’t like seeing that kind of stuff slowed down then only watch videos from the best riders.
I know when I first learned that stuff I slowed it down because for me at the time it was good.

oh well, you must be the man and i suck. im sorry my tricks suck soo much that i cannot put this in slo mo, you should post the rules of tricks in slow mo for me so i wont do it again.

and could you (torkerdx) please post a video of you crankflipping at least a six set and a 360 unispin off a large table

+1 fractured frames! (if thats your real name)

I liked it, you shat all over my street skills.

i dont think my street is even worthy of a regular motion in Mr(slowmotion)Torkers eyes.