A screw broke off my Kris Holm seat--is it still safe to ride?

The nuts holding the saddle screws onto the seat post came very loose, so I tightened them up–not excessively, and one of them just snapped off. Has this happened to anyone else?
Is it still safe to ride and do light tricks (stairs, hopping, stuff like that?)

it happens all the time

I had mine with 3 bolts left, and noticed no diff, no matter what i did.

It’s not safe to do anything. I personally would do five foot drops with it and ride it until it busts and then tear it apart and see if it can be fixed. I think that some versions of the KH and Velo saddles are really difficult to take apart so I would wait until it’s wasted before trying anything.

But, again, in answer to your vague question, it’s not even safe to get up in the morning. It’s not safe to lie there in bed doing nothing either; something might fall on you.

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That happened to me, and here’s what I did:
I took out the staples on one side of the seat, and took out the broken bolt (you have to pull on the foam pretty hard). Then I went to the hardware store and got a bolt with the same square-shaped thinggy on the end (whats the name of it?), and a matching nut. They didn’t have bolts of exactly the same size, so I just went with a bolt thats a little bigger than the origionals. After that I just put the new bolt in the seat, and used a staple gun to get the cover back on.

It works just fine, and the new bolt is actually stronger than the origional ones.

He’s right. SWAT has done it a few times. It is fairly simple and allows you to improve the seat a little too. Pull the staples with a screwdriver and slowly carefully remove the cover. Take off the foam and replace the bolt with a similar sized carriage bolt. It’s probably not a bad idea to replace them all with a better quality(stronger) bolt. Put some duct tape on the to keep them from coming out of the square holes. Then put the cover back on. While youre in there it might be good to put some padding along the side for seat out grabbing comfort. Then just put the cover back on using a staple gun.

Edit: Miyatas are better. :smiley:

carriage bolt

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Re: A screw broke off my Kris Holm seat–is it still safe to ride?

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