A Sasky goes east

OK so maybe this belongs in JC but I am planning on moving out east for something different (and to kick the trends of everyone moving west) At the moment I have no house, job or GF and a couple grand in the bank, so why not eh?

Anyway why this is in RSU is I was wondering if anyone would be interested in going for a ride anywhere along the way. I plan on having no plan so I doubt that I will be able to make it anywhere for any specific dates but I will be leaving from Saskatoon next week after the fireworks festival and working my way east stopping at Brandon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Trois Rivière, Halifax, and St. John’s. No final destination but possibly somewhere on Cape Breton Island.

If anyone is interested in going for a ride or has suggestions for places to go post or send me a PM. I will bring my 36 and my MUni with me, not sure about the 20 but probably not.

Oh, and if anyone has a couch I could borrow for a night on my trek that would be awesome.



We would be very up for a ride in Montreal, there’s the Royal Mount for Muni riding which is has some pretty technical riding. Plus, I’m sure you could work something out for a couch, Émile always has place ! Ahahah ! :smiley:

Anyways, you can go see on Monotréal and drop a word, we speak english.

Hope we can organize a ride !


Just give me a shout if you’re in st. john’s, there’s a nice loop around here that I like to ride.

You’ve got my contact info!

Thanks Hugo and Dave

I will check out Monotréal and would love to go for a ride on the rock.

I still have to unpack then re-pack but looking forward to this.


Hey Eric. Did RTL make you want to move to the maritimes?

My back is really messed up so I won’t be doing any riding soon.

Let me know if you would still like the rim, though.

I’m sure I can muster up a bunch of the Toronto folks for either a distance or muni ride or both! Let us know when you’re getting close to TO and expecting to arrive.

Unfortunately I don’t have a spare couch space for the next couple months as I have guests staying.


well I’m always looking for someone to ride with so you welcome to ride in St malo
we have a campground but I don’t have a couch

I wanted to move to the Maritimes before RTL, just for something different but ended up taking a summer job in Sask instead. That job is done so I figure why not go now?

Levi: not sure if I want the rim anymore knowing that it is aluminum but for $20 I figure it is still the cheapest easiest way to get a 36" Ultimate wheel. I think I will still get it.

Carl: cool looking forward to meeting more riders

Nick: sounds great, what kind of trails do you guys have? I would most likely make it to St. Malo around tuesday.



flat but kinda bumpy very melo easy going trails for like 10 miles:o

oh and if you do come be aware I only have a 20" trials

hope this is not pushing you away cuz I have never ridden with some one else and I think it would be really fun!

keap me posted:)

I will take any ride offered along the way. Not including RTL I have only been on 4 rides with other riders. It is a lot more fun riding with other people and I am a bit envious of people who live in areas with unicycle clubs or other unicyclist to ride with.

hey if you PM me your phone number I will give you a call when I am getting close.



Take care out there Eric.

Let me know if you plan to head back west some time.

If you carry on East for a bit more, then give me a shout when you hit the UK coast line. I’ll be able to sort out some couches and travel buddies for you!


And not quite as outrageous as Spencer’s offer, if you happen to swing south into New York state, we could feed and house you, and take you muni’ing till your ears bleed.

And if you were to continue further south, and go to DC/VA, you’d have a place to stay and someone to ride with.

Hey Eric! I’ll take you riding in Ottawa for sure, and we can probably round up more Ottawa area riders. We’ve got lots of road routes and quite a bit of muni trails. If you are going to have computer access, you should just send off an email once you know when you are arriving. If not, PM me and I’ll send you my phone number.

I can’t offer a couch yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Maybe someone else in Ottawa can.

Have a great trip!

Craigslist? definately in for a ride…

In the City of Bridges (Saskatoon) at the moment and went to the fireworks festival. The traditional dancers were cool and I got o watch my friend and the other two girls she preforms with do their fire routine. The fireworks were awesome as well. Spending one more night in Toon-Town for the rest of the festival then heading east.

I think I am going to head south of the great lakes until Toronto but not sure yet. So good So far.


If you head by Wisconsin, stop in Madison (a bed is available along with a coker ride, not many Muni trails around here:()
EDIT: School is starting and I will be out of town next Friday through Sunday so we’ll see what we can work out.

sounds good, I have no idea when I would get to Wisconsin as I am planing on taking my time. I will throw you a PM when I get closer and hopefully we can go for that ride.

the trip has been good and relaxing so far, saw some cool country in “northern” Manitoba and I forgot how flat is is around Winnipeg. I have been taking my time and am currently parked on a street in Fargo using somebody’s wireless internet connection.

The odd thing is I have not gone riding since the fireworks festival. Too busy relaxing, reading books, driving and slack lining I guess.