a sad day in trials history

for people who are on otn have probably already seen it but oh well it is still a sad day!

So many palets going to waste. I hope they went down with a fight.

Funny, Brock, I disagree. This is a joyous day. Now there will be fewer palletes to force people to focus on big, imprecise moves.

you can d other things other than big impresive things with pallets you know. Just use your imagination

i see your point, but you have to be able to hop 30" imprecisely before you can hop 30" precisely.

Or to hop 50 inches imprecisly.

Brock, if anyone has used imagination building a trials course, that would be me. I had to figure out how to turn a 30’x11’ space into a decent, interesting trials course. I alos still don’t really see what reason there is to mourn the loss of a few thousand pallettes, when they can easily be obtained for free in almost any town.

Trip makes a good point, though.

Wow! Trogdor is on a rampage.

When? At CMW? It seemed to me, that Zack Baldwin and Lloyd did most if not all of the planning on that course.

*Disregaurd if this is not the occasion you are talking about.

Being as San Francisco houses don’t have respectable yards, I am forced to use the sidewalk in fron of my house, which is what I’m referring to. The CMW course had far more space then I ever get. Also, Kris and Ryan did a lot of planning.

Why is this in Rec?

Anyway, I feel your pain.

Of course there more trials courses in wood still growing. Natural Trials!

yuo know this was suppost to be a joke

Fire is worth it, way worth it. If I had a dollar for every pallet I’ve torched…

You can even shape bonfires using the tunneling effect of elegantly stacked pallets, aiming the blaze out a few shoots creating amazing bonfire art.

The best use for a pallet is in a bonfire, period. They’re great for trials, but way better on fire.