A Rim Question

I have the choice to order a black anodized or white powder coated rim for my new KH36. I’m wondering if either of those make any difference for braking? Is one rim preferred over the other for Magura brakes?

Any rim designed to accept brakes should not have any color /coating applied to the braking surface of the rim. (i.e the sides of the rim). If it is a stock KH rim I would be very surprised if the sides were painted over.

Thanks. That makes sense.

I’m disappointed that I’m now charged sales tax. The last 3 unicycles I ordered cost me shipping but no sales tax. Now the shipping is free (thank you UDC) but the tax is worse. I wonder if all online orders will be charging taxes now. Oh well. It was a good run.

Let’s hope I will convince you that it is :stuck_out_tongue:

From unicycle.com page of Nimbus Stealth Pro Rim:

“has a CNC machined braking surface and spoke-nipple eyelets.”

Also, the description on the KH 36 page says:

“Rim: Nimbus Stealth 36”, 36 hole, 38mm wide, machined sidewalls for smoother braking"

Also, the picture clearly shows the CNC sidewall of the rim:


Ahhh. It’s so nice when someone does the work for you. Thank you. I made my order today for my new KH36. Yay. The order form included tax :angry: , but the invoice shows NO TAX :D:D. The total is just the unicycle.

Congratulations on your new unicycle!

Don’t you already have a 36" unicycle?


‘digital’ sales tax is a murky area. In general a company only needs to collect tax if you live in the state of the company you are doing business with. State governments for years have been trying to change this because of how much money leaves the state in online sales but no sales tax is received.

You ARE supposed to pay your states sales/use tax on online purchases directly to your state. But states have not figured out a good way to enforce this.

I do. I have a Coker. I need a second one so my son-in-law can ride with me. Eventually he will buy his own, but I work full time and he and my daughter are starving students working part time. Besides, one is not enough. It will be my eighth unicycle since last March. Oh how my husband rolls his eyes.

Ezas, I was reading about how you are supposed to pay sales tax. I’ll get right on that:D.

Clearly, your Husband needs to learn to ride.

You should get right on that. :roll_eyes: