A Rider in Salt Lake City Near University of Utah

I had an old friend visit me last night. She is currently a prof @ the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She said she saw a unicyclist the other day near the campus who appeared to be commuting. Anybody have an idea of who that could be?

Might have been me. I just got my first unicycle a month ago (Nimbus Oracle 26), and was trying out my commute to work on it a week or so ago. I wasn’t right next to the U, but within a half dozen blocks or so.

Odds are good, given there aren’t that many unicyclists around. :slight_smile:

I’ve been riding a bit downtown and in Cottonwood Heights but not by the U recently.

Was it you I saw on 200 W and South Temple this afternoon around 4:30 today? Looked to be a 20", blue frame. On the sidewalk on the east side of 200W, headed north?

Wanted to shout some encouragement, but wasn’t sure what exactly that would be. :thinking:

nope, but I was doing some riding last night around Temple, Gateway and City Creek. Got to meet 3 security guards!

hit me up on FB if you want to ride sometime. /KAC.the.ACE

Those must have been interesting conversations. I’ve had “discussions” with the fuzz at the Temple about dog issues. Usually a very one sided conversation…

I’d love to come ride with you some time, but it might be a bit before I feel comfortable riding around someone with actual skills. I’m still at the “It requires the planets to align correctly before I can freemount” stage. :smiley: Maybe I’ll hit you up later this summer when I’m able to do something besides just ride forward and turn a bit.

Sorry, can’t add too much to this thread just wanted to say if any of you guys are further north (Ogden area) and wanna ride some Muni or road, hit me up with a PM or something. I ride Antelope Island a lot.

Cool guess it was one of you guys. The Internet is so cool, and so is the unicycling community. It really is a community. I’ve yet to see another unicyclist on my commute, just north of DC in Silver Spring. We have some great bike paths here.

It’s good to see a few other unicyclists in the SLC area. If anyone wants to ride in a parade this summer, I’m riding in two of them – one this Saturday in south Ogden and one on July 4th in Kaysville. As of right now, we have 8 riders (of all skill levels, including beginner) that are planning on coming, but we’d love to have more. PM me if you want more details.

Also, I sometimes bring my uni to work and ride at the downtown library and Washington Square if anyone wants to get together for a lunch time ride. Or I could meet up anywhere in downtown or up near the U.

Killian, I was just out at Antelope Island a couple weeks ago, although I wasn’t riding uni at the time. What are your favorite places to ride there?

I like to park before the toll booth and ride out to the ranch on my 36er, though I have plans to go ride up to the Frary Peak TH and Buffalo Point.

Then I’ve also ridden all the dirt out there as well. Elephant Head is the best trail out there IMO. Lot’s of good intermediate tech. and not super strenuous. The Split Rock bay loop is fun, with some more intermediate tech. and some fun switchbacks, but it finishes up with a decent climb, that can be a bit of lungbuster at the end of the day. It’s a cool trail cause there’s a horse corral from the 1800’s on the route.

If you’re riding out there, I highly recommend Elephant Head or doing Split Rock as an out-and-back. If you’re not into tech., the Mountain View trail is loooong and pretty easy, but full of wildlife and good view. White Rock is easier as well.

Elephant Head was awesome though…

Thanks, Killian. Which 36er do you have? I nearly bought one a year ago, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger on the purchase.

I have a UDC/Nimbus Titan. Great uni so far. It’s pretty much a bare-bones 36er that you can do what you want with as far as upgrades go. I got a shadow handle, KH seat, frame bag, brake, pedals, etc. for it, and it’s actually pretty nice for the low cost.

The 36er has revolutionized my riding. It WILL make you a better rider on your other wheels, they feel so much smaller!