A ride, and a possible ride. (anybody in denver?)


I’m in denver visiting my grandparents, and of course am unicycling too. My family just got back from a nice MUni ride in White Ranch Park, and might be around on the fourteenth or fifteenth (I’m going backpacking for three days until then) for another ride somewhere in the area. So, does anybody want to come, or at least tell me of some nice trails? We’re not the best unicyclists, seeing as we just started in december last year, but we’re getting better. For instance, we were able to ride the mustang trail at white ranch without injuring ourselves too badly, although there was a lot of uphill we had to walk on, and it was just about at the limit of our technical skill, though my younger brother was able to do much more of the ride than me, but he’s extremely good with everything on wheel(s), and insane to boot. I might post some pics and movies later if i can manage the gallery stuff.

Anyway, if you are in denver, or anywhere in the vicinity, email me at myspamishere@yahoo.com and we’ll talk riding. I might not even be able to go, and i won’t be on the forums for three days because we’re going backpacking, but i will try to get back to you.

hey i live in colorado springs if you wan to come down. its only an hour away

Oh, sweet, that’s right, i forgot you were in colorado. we’ll be able to go ride on friday, i beleive, so if we can get together then, that’d be great.

( I had to change the time to Friday, because we suddenly have a different schedule and are backpacking at a different time than I thought.)

EDIT: ooh, friday the thirteenth… i’ll go riding anyway.

Jeez… EDIT # 2: where/when could we ride? do you know of any nice trails? I don’t know how well I’ll be able to keep up with you, seeing as the only uni I have currently is a trials, but oh well. I did ok yesterday though.

dont worry about being bad, all my freinds just started about the same time as you. and all we really do is trials but we do quite a bit of muni. we have awsome trails right next to my house and alot of cool street spots, along with many natural and urban trials spots. so you name it we will do it. i e-mailed you, so we should figure something out.

Whoa, I was in Denver a couple weeks ago visiting my grandparents(and unicycling)the whole time i was looking for other unicyclists but i didnt see anybody.I was hoping there was more unicyclists in a big city.

forrestunifreak, that’s crazy. especially seeing as my brother’s name is forest. it’s only one r, but oh well.

Aaron, i emailed you.