A Quick Video (Just for fun)

My friend came over and we decided to try to drop off of the mailbox on my front lawn. It was rele slippery and when I tried to jump off, the uni just slid out behind me and I fell on my face a bunch of times.

I think I got a concusion from the first fall.


Shoulda gone to the pavement homie. Could have got more distance and rolled out.

I was thinking about it but I might have slipt again (like at 0:54) and did a face plant on the pavement.

Haha that reminded me of my Fedex drop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJXjNAhaOs0
You should wear a helmet and at least shin guards though!:slight_smile:

Yea defenetly more of a risk, and a bit more scary, tho I think it would have givin you the insentive, and enough grip to land. Yeah and a helmet wouldnt be a bad idea. Do you rollout when landing drops ever?

Yeah I always do. But it is hard to get a good roll out on the lawn, and you can’t jump out a distance off the mail box either, because you will just slip.

That was really funny…
one time i was gonna drop off of a 3.5 foot box and my tire did that goofy slip thingy and i fell off and it was funny…
at least u kept trying it though…