A quick question

The unicycle - '05 Torker 20"Torker Unicycle DX

is this a good beginners uni? (since i am one, this will be my first unicycle)

Here’s the link for the unicycle


Ps: i wont be ordering off the net, ill have a local bike shop order one for me (if that makes any kind of difference)

-Thanks so much

I’ve done seven foot drops on my torker DX, it’ll hold up to plenty of abuse, its only downfall is, its a little heavy, it has a skinny tire, and the hub is 48 spokes. But its a great beginners unicycle, I recomend them to everyone that wants a quality unicycle for cheap.

If you’d like I could give you some pictures of stuff i’ve done on a DX.

I don’t have very much experience with torker. but i must say that is not a “off road unicycle” the tire is not knobby and it is much to thin (around 2.13 or something) to be doing any serious off roading. Also not sure about the rim but i believe it is not double walled. But if you are just planning on using it for freestyle unicycling then it will work. Pretty much i think people on here would be able to tell you exsactly what to look for if you could tell us what you are planning to do with it. Are you planning to do Off roading ? Or trials? or Freestyle? or just planning to use it as transportation?

I think a better question to ask is first is, do you even know how to ride a unicycle? You could do freestyle, and some basic street and trials on a 20" DX, offroading, forget it, I mean you could, I have, but its just not practicle, you’d have much more fun on a diffrent machine.

But chances are if your a new unicyclist, you don’t want to buy anthing too expensive/serious yet.

yeah, the Torker DX is a grrreat uni for beginners, and actually it’s a good uni even for experienced riders, as long as you don’t ride it tooo hard.

PS the NUMBER ONE-- wait, no NUMBER TWO rule-- well, maybe number one, it’s kinda of a tie…anyway, one of the MOST IMPORTANT rules of these forums is, you shouldn’t make multiple new threads if you don’t need to, and since your three threads here are all pretty much asking about a new unicycle, you could have just made one thread and then asked another question in that one thread. Just so you know (:

yea sorry about that. and as for some of your questions ihave a schoolyard near my house and once i learn how to unicycle ill spend much of my time there. There are benches, some logs, some stairs, and a bunch of random elvated box type bench things. I wont be going down hills and stuff i think ill do more of hoping from object to object jumping onto things balancing across beams an stuff.

Get a 20" Torker DX, you wont regret it.

Yeah, 20" Torker DX will work goood for you.
Oh, by the way, order from unicycledotcom. They’re better.
For some reason.

hey cyberpunk, lets see those pictures

Can someone tell me why unicycle.com is better? bicyclesource.us has a much lower price and free shipping. I am asking because I was about to order from them. Thanx.