A Quick Little Project.

Well i was bored today, so i was starting at my ever so high pile of scrap bikes parts, uni parts, metal, forks, wheels ect ect. and the idea struck me to build this…(im sure its been done before)

thats sweet

Sadly my leg is not yet strong enough to take any real falls, but in 2-3 months i should be able to ride it.

How far can you ride it? It looks like it would be harder than a bc because you have to do a running suicide mount.

Please read the post just above yours DK.

or you could just jump mount there is probubly some other mount that would work also

Sorry, but you posted it while I was typing.

BC Wheel with a seat. pretty cool idea, I’ve thought about that many times before too. it’d probably be much easier to ride, because the wheel won’t be terribly unstable because you have the seat. similar to an ultimate wheel vs. a unicycle…

but your CG will be way higher tush creating a very unstable ride.


bcuni 003.jpg

You could make a Muni version and go down a mountian on it.
Brakes are optional.

No it wouldnt, unless you croch down really low when you bc. It would be more stable side to side too, like mr.potter said.

no, think about it, its more stable to have your weight lower than higher

How does having a seat change your center of gravity? Yes the seat and post have some weight of their own, but not much in relation to the rider. The ride will be different if you’re sitting down, because your body motions may change to control the thing. But change in your CG will really depend on rider height in relation to seat height.

I’ve seen a few of these types of peg unis at conventions. The usual way of getting on is to mount to a wheel walk, then 1 foot or 2 foot wheel walk to get up to speed, then put your feet on the pegs and try to coast. A pull glide with another rider would also be another way to get going.

HOw about holding the seat sif, then pedal mount it then once your going put it si

Are those pegs??? I wanna know how it works…

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That could possibly work. The people I’ve seen trying to ride a uni like that were all freestyle riders so they used it like a freestyle uni and not a BC wheel.

One idea I’ve had is to make a uni similar to that, but have a peg on one side and a pedal and crank on the other. You’d be able to use the one pedal to one-foot up to speed and then do some gliding or scuffing or coasting. You’d ride it like the flatland BMXers do. You’d do some skills standing on the peg and scuffing the tire. But you’d have the one pedal so you could mix it up a bit and do things other than just coasting and gliding and scuffing.