A quick bang before today's ride!

Had just finished checking over the 29er before today’s ride, and had it sitting beside me. Checked stuff was tight, added some air, not much I thought!

A minute or two later - BANG! the tube burst while the uni was sitting beside me… went off like a shotgun. A very funny sh*t your pants moment. I guess not as funny as it happening a few minutes later in the forest, but a good laugh all the same :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont let it sit in the sun next time.

no worries, wasn’t in the sun, was in my office… where all good unicycle maintenance should take place :slight_smile:


Have your ears stopped ringing yet? :roll_eyes:

That happened to me once…It was so funny.
Sooooo loud

I hate it when that happens!

I had a rim that unbeknownst to me had flared out a little bit. When I put in some air, it seemed a little weird. Started examining it and saw that the tube had squeezed out and even though I had stopped adding air, it just kept slowly growing and then popped practically in my face. There was green stuff in the tube and therefore all over me as well. :astonished:

Was I the only one that thought this thread was going to be slightly more “exciting”?

i have the same problem with my 29’er. any time i have 40# of pressure i get a blow-out. the big apple tire is about three years old and medium worn. if it is in the trunk on a hot day it blows. i don’t like to run low pressure because it makes control an issue. any suggestions?

no, I thought that too

You’ll need a pretty big patch for that :smiley: