A question, help needed

I made a unicycle about a month ago, and learned to ride it. This one isn’t enough strong to perform tricks on it, so I’m making another one. I would like to make the frame for the same size like on a standart unicycle (so I will be able to put a splined hub in it later, if I need it) I didn’t found it on the internet, and I don’t have anybody near me, who could answer the question below, this is why I’m writing here.
So could anyone please measure the distance between the two bearings on his/her unicycle?
Thanks for your answers, it will help me a lot.:wink:

BTW sorry if this post went into the wrong part of the forum, but it seems the right place for me right now.

Hi Bogyo,

Take a look at the unicycle stores (municycle.com), at the hubs and bearing spare parts.
The bearing spacing is 100 mm, measured from the middle to the middle of the bearing. The bearing diameter is 42 mm.
The bearing width is 12 mm

you can also google “Schlumpf hub manual”, there you will find a drawing of the fork ends for the bearings.

Good luck with the built of your unicycle.

Take into consideration that splined hub bearings are a different size than cotterless bearings