a question for kris

do u get paid to unicycle?

not sure

i am not sure that kris gets paid i would not think it is much but i would think he is getting money for his stuff eg unicyces,he may get some for winning comps but not much as there is not many t.v shows that would paid to have trials comps on the station so there is lest prize money unlike skateboarding where there is loads on ££££ in it.

Isn’t he sponsored by Norco? That’s kinda like getting paid.

I am not Kris. But occasionally he does get paid to unicycle. Definitely not enough to live on, though.

I used to get paid to unicycle, though the one paid gig I had lined up this year I had to cancel due to an extreme case of poison oak! In the 1980s I worked for the National Circus Project doing circus workshops and school assemblies mostly. Full time.

Our definition of “professional” unicyclist, for Freestyle competition in the USA and IUF rulebooks, is that you have to make at least 50% of your annual income from performing that involves a substantial amount of unicycling. By this description, I hardly know anyone in the world who qualifies, and Kris would not.

He’s sponsored, and he must get paid for the movies he’s in. Is there prize money for uni competitions?

Maybe some private ones, but not the so-called major ones, like UNICON, NAUCC, or any MUni Weekend I’m aware of.

I have won a cash prize for unicycle racing, once. It was in 1988 at the International Cycling Festival in Hull, Quebec. I think it was $50. This was for a 100 meter race in the rain, on a downtown city street! I also got paid for performing at the festival, which had a budget from the city (or higher government level). This was after getting a major hassle at the border because we had a carload of unicycles and “performing” stuff… :smiley:

Note: I did not know about either of those cash events until we got there.

That event also contained the first partially offroad unicycle race I was ever in. I don’t remember if we called it UMX or not, but it was in downtown Hull, around a couple of government buildings including garden areas with some grass, stairs, and lots of zig-zags. Less than a month later we did the first UNICON offroad race; about one mile on dirt and sand in Puerto Rico.

I’ve never received a salary from sponsors, although I have received a lot of free equipment, and have a limited travel budget from my title sponsor Norco. The income I’ve received directly from riding was from paid demos, licensing stock footage, a few film festival awards, and very rarely from film, television and TV commercials.

This past year my sponsors were:

Norco: travel budget, components and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, clothing, energy bars etc.

Unicycle.com: unicycle-specific components

My unicycle: Kris Holm Unicycles Co.

Technical Clothing & Gear: Arc’teryx Equipment

Casual cottonware: Horny Toad Clothing

Energy Drinks: TREK OPB

Sunglasses: Ryders

It sounds great but honestly it’s not very lucrative- not enough to live by anyway, and there is a large part of this that is very much like a real job- lots of time spent doing sponsorship-related things that don’t include riding.

Also, with sponsorship and media attention it’s sometimes hard to stay focused on the real reason to ride- the love of riding itself. Ultimately it may well be better to simply get a decent job and ride for fun- that way you’re also not beholden to anyone.

I guess what I’m saying is that despite the “glamour” of sponsorship, it’s not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be and you have to think carefully about your riding motivations before pursuing this path.


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Re: a question for kris

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 14:05:22 -0500, johnfoss
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>Our definition of “professional” unicyclist, for Freestyle competition
>in the USA and IUF rulebooks, is that you have to make at least 50% of
>your annual income from performing that involves a substantial amount of
>unicycling. By this description, I hardly know anyone in the world who
>qualifies, and Kris would not.

Maybe some performers in circuses like Cirque du Soleil would qualify?

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