A Question About The Nimbus II Frame, And The DX Hub.

I am replacing the frame on my 2006 Torker DX, I am planning to use the Nimbus II frame so I dont have to get a new seat post.

Will the Nimbus II frame fit on to the DX hub set?

Just a quick yes or no is all I need, but from someone who really knows, not assuming it will, and yes, I did search, went through 12 pages of results and didn’t find the answer.

hello, i know the answer to all your questions. I have the nimbus II frame on my DX hub (snapped the dx frame ages ago). yes 2006 DX.
Ok, there is several versions of the nimbus II frame. bear this in mind.
of course, if you want to keep your old seat post get a frame with 25.4mm seatpost neck. simple.
next. make sure you get the right frame. i have seen 3 versions of the nimbus II frame (all 25.4mm ones too)

One of them which was used on the Nimbus trials previouly (up untill very recenty here in NZ) will not fit the hub very well (it gets too wide at the top). This is because the dx hub has no Q-Factor and the cranks will come in contact with the frame near the pedal end of the cranks. This can be solved by using some shims, though you will need to shim the cranks away from the hub by several millimeteres in order to get minimal clearance required.

The next frame i shall speak of is the one used in the more recent Nimbus Trials unicycles which is slightly ovalised all the way to the top. this one will likely fit better than the older trials frame authough i have not tried fitting it, it is likely to be a quite good fit and i think it is the best choise of frame (authough that depends on what kind of riding you do). This is because it has less tire clearance (from the crown to the tire). This frame amy still require a few MM of shimming on the cranks.

Im not sure if you can buy either of thes two frames from udc.

The third and finall Nimbus II frame is the one used on Nimbus II Freestyle unicycles (tho i think they are called Nimbus Freestyle). This it the frame i have on my wheelset. it is a very good fit to the crank (plently of clearance) and is good for street and freestyle stuff as well as trials. it is plenty strong and is sexy as hell. This is the one you should be able to buy from UDC. I hve had mine on for several months with no shimming required and no problems at all.

Make sure you get the 25.4mm frame whatever you do. 22.2mm are just not strong enough in my oppinion

thats the frame i have and the one that you need, make sure you get the 25.4mm one of course (the one in this image is 22.2mm one

as you can see, it is ovalised tubing all the way to the top of the forkies


So the nimbus II freestyle frame is the one ill get.

That will hold the 2.5 creepy crawler right? I’m sure it does, but just making sure.

i’ve got a nimbus II freestyle uni with a 2.7 tyre on it

wow, nice!

yeah, will fit a 2.5inch trials with about 10mm to each side of the side wall. there is about 29mm from bottom of crown to the tire. and the crank/frame clearance is 4.5mm so yeah, using the other nimbus II frames can be tricky