a question about cranks and hub

hey, i was just wondering about cranks and hub… i need good hub and cranks but i dont have the money for profiles or splined… (i dont think i need them anyway because im only 70 ib.) i know suzue is a good hub but what about cranks? :thinking:

if you can get them the qu-ax 127mm aluminium cranks are good.
they are stronger than a susue hub.

however you live in the usa so your going to have to settle for kooka cranks, or doteks, which have a good reputation.

iirc kookas have a lifetime warranty.

doteks aren’t very cheap though. and i think he’d rather have broken cranks than a broken hub, so maybe he ought get euros or something in that range

As far as cranks go, Bicycle Euro 125mm cranks are pretty strong. Only $ 25. at unicycle.com.


A few questions for you…

What kind of unicycle are you riding(size wheel, what cranks are on it now? ) / what kind of stuff are you doing on it.

If you wiegh 70lbs there is alot that will hold up and you shouldnt need to get a splined crank set yet. Unless you are doing some big moves.

im pretty hardcore

well i do some big stuff im mostly a streeet rider but the carnks and hub i have on now are the weakest ever.

Re: im pretty hardcore

i ride a 20" kh with some sort of cranks and hub, it dosnt even say what kind they are

I dont really know that much about the non splined kris holm uni’s.

When you say your cranks are the weakest ever, Does this mean that you have bent or broken the cranks that are on the unicycle?

I would recomend getting the Bicycle Euro 125mm cranks. They are the the stronger than most steel cranks. They lasted me for a while at 140lbs doing 4 foot drops to flat. But if your cranks arent bent yet I would say if its not broke dont fix it.


one of the guys here in montreal has a kh nospline.

its got a generic taiwan hub and cranks. except the cranks are painted black to look like bicycle euros. the cranks are 127mm
the bearings are fitted with shims. they apear to be the same size bearings as mine, (40mmOD?)

so if you want to put a proflie hub in it the shims are already there

i did hear that some of the taiwan hubs are heat treated properly to make them stronger but i dont know if there is any way of telling.

i you bend you cranks then just replace with bycycle euros untill the hub breaks. then get something splined.

however untill then, stop doing silly big drops.

if you realy want to do silly big drops to impress your mates(who dosent?), then learn to hop on the wheel and do drops like that.

I say go for the profile hub, or the suzue 48 spoked hub, that one worked reallly well, but the profile hub would be awesome its at unicycle.com I think its called the poznanter or something