A Poster Child for Safety Gear I Am....

Last Sat. while working on getting freemounts down, my new MUni finally decided that I had all the warning shots I was going to get and it pelted me a good one. My PC had died and I had to replace the MB and CPU which dented my funds for a few weeks. I figured that since I was still pavement bound in my learning I could get away without the shingaurds for a bit. Besides, I was still using my Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, and Helmet protection. Wrong.

So here’s the link to my pictures.
WARNING: You will see a fair amount of detail in the shots and if you’re squeemish… well, you’ve been warned.

Final note… The 661’s come in tomorrow and the staples come out on Tuesday.

Hey Trapper,
I just had to brag on you and beat I beat ya’ to the punch:


So if someone posts about you on the internet does that make you famous or infamous?


Re: A Poster Child for Safety Gear I Am…

Just wait till you get cuts down the back of your legs. I’ve got a nice big one that will be there for a while yet.

Re: A Poster Child for Safety Gear I Am…

Been there, done that.

Except for the staples.

They’re starting to itch. I took one out. Leaving the rest until tomorrow when the right tool for the job is available. (They’re shaped like the letter “C” and the ends are sharp as needles.)