A Possible Barrie Ont Uni Club

Just a quick thought…Any input?? How , or what would be the best way to go upon starting up a club for barrie ontario?? or ofcourse for the surrounding areas, seeing as Barrie is not very large yet.

Well Carl, oh wait, he’s MUNI guy :o

What I did, when I found out there was 4 riders (including me) is get some business cards made up, threw together a quick website (from from here) and called the newspaper to see if they would be interested in a story on unicyling. They were more anxious about that I was.

Get those business cards, drop them at bike shops, especially if they sell unicycles, they’ll stick a card on the uni, most likely. Also, pass them to bikers on the trails, and kids in skateparks.
(practice cool things to do on trails and in skateparks to spark their interest)

You said you only knew a few people…it may be worth it to throw an ad in the paper about free unicyle lessons, or something.

In the winter you can find a local gym, community center or something, and just have who ever shows up split the cost.

We started in November with 4 people, now we have 20

It snowballs.

Good luck.


London Unicycling Club

hey Brian thanks, the free lessons I have started.
But the card thing and everything else sounds good
too, I should just on it asap.

and hey,
UNI GUY is the name


You can get 500 cards (black ink on white with a graphic) for $50 or so. It’s very resonable. Then you get to say, ‘Here, take my card’


i unicycle and it’d be awesome to have a unicycling club (i live here) me and my little brother unicycle where abouts do you live…or we could meet somewhere. just send me a private message peace dude:)