A plea to Surly to make a 24" Endomorph!

Well, we’ve had the 26 x 3.7" Surly Endomorph tire available for a while now. This tire has almost 30" of inflated OD.

I have emailed Surly several times this year about the 24" Endomorph, which I think will be better for all-around muni, and the reply is: “It’s not available.”

Anyone who’s interested please email Surly and ask them to make the 24". Surly Dave’s email is: dave(at)surly.com
Maybe we can convince them.

I’ve Emailed them as well, but will again. My frame awaits.


Nice frame, and I would love a 20" Endomorph.

Monty makes one, not quite as huge. The eagleclaw.

nice monty

I believe the Eagle Claw is 2.6"? Monty also makes 2.7" tires, even though most people say the Eagle Claw is a better tire, what’s with the wide tires, keep some challenge in unicycling.

Yeah, and what’s with all these splined hubs? Seriously, cotterless ought to be good enough for anybody!


actually, monty just came out with an ISIS mod uni with the eagleclaw.

How is a 20x2.6" tire relevant to a discussion of a 24x3.7" tire?

where can i buy one? its not on their site

Someone asked about a hypothetical 20" Endomorph…

I dunno about a 20" endo… unless you’re a midget who wants to ride Muni trails (no offense to the midgets / children in the audience). The riders who’ve been pounding on the 26" endos say they suck up the bumps. That’s good. For muni.

For trials, you’re gonna end up losing hop height with a big squishy tire. I’ve got no issues with foldover, so I don’t see why else someone would want a 4" wide trials tire. Anyone care to enlighten me, tell me what I’m missing?

How is your “how is” post relevant to the discussion at all? How is my “how is” post about your “how is” post relevant? Why does anybody post anything? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because everyone knows the bigger the tire you ride, the bigger your penis is.

Unless you’re female… then I don’t know.

I’d actually want a 20" for my BMX and maybe BC Wheel, A Maxxis Creepy Crawler is fine for a trials Uni.