A plea from us on dial up.

For those of us on dial up:

  1. Please size your pics before posting.

If you accidentaly post a giant pic, you can immediately go to to “edit” and click the radial button for “delete attachment” down in the attachement section. You can then re-attach a sized pic or post it later.

Posting a re-sized pic later but leaving the giant pic in doesn’t help our download speed.

  1. When posting vids please put size in kb of mb and time in seconds or minutes so we can decide when and how we want to down load it.


I feel your pain…

When people post giant pics, just do what I do:

-click stop when you notice that there is a huge pic.

Usually someone is nice enough to post a small version of the giant pic. Look below for a reply post where someone attaches another pic. Usually they say, “here it is resized.”

-Right-click where the image should be, then click “Show image”


But agree with you, when people post giant pictures it is aggrivating.



I’m sorry about that giant image:( I just got a new replacement for my other digital camera that died and forgot to set the picture size. Thanks for explaining how to undo the damage before the picture is posted. I’ll make sure I don’t do it again:)

Big images can be a pain on broadband too. Big images in terms of resolution mess up the forum display. Big images in terms of file size still take time to download and I don’t think Gilby wants to be serving up inline images that are 1 MB or bigger.

My personal rule of thumb is that images posted inline in a message should be sized to a resolution of 640x480 or smaller and shrunk to a file size of less than 40 KB.

Please resize images before posting them inline as an attachment. And use a low JPG quality level setting to get the file size down to less than 40 KB. I usually use a JPG quality level setting of 20 to 40 (on a scale of 1 to 100) when saving the smaller image.

For those on dial-up there is a setting in User Cp >> Edit Options to turn off the inline image attachments. Instead of the image you’ll see a link to the image. That way you can make a decision whether to download the image or not.


I think I might print out this whole thread and keep it for future reference. It has soooooooo much useful information in it !!!
It’s nice to know when I screw up, something good can come from it:D