A picture of me falling flat on my face.

heres a picture of me falling flat on my face, i was trying to balance with my resting on my stomach, and stabling it with my hands . Mehh, i only ended up grazing the bottom of my jaw in the end, and i twisted all the muscles in my lower back which hurt for like 5 mins max. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol :d !!!

Not that it would’ve prevented it, or at least lessened the impact, why no helmet? Are you planning on wearing one from now on? Anyway, glad you’re ok.:smiley:


quick someone post “pwnnn’d!”

nah unfortunatly, its just a pic, but i was lucky to get that, the mate who was taking the photo was laughin so much he didnt realise hed taken the picture so told me he addnt got one… then he found this pic and the laughter started all over again… unfortualyy i dont wear a helmet, i try to stay beyond my limits and if i do try somthing abit whack, i make sure im safe … well …almost

PWNN’D by garvity, the unicyclists greatest enemy shakes fist at ground

HOLY JEEBUS!! That looks really harsh. Pwnderated to the max. That would be really cool on vid though.

my goodness! I’m always trying that… I’m definitely going to be more careful. I’m glad to hear that you are okay though.

Looks like it’s from a video… Have the clip?

As a certain geek from my school would say, "UBER “PWNAGE!!!”

He just said its not from a vid… but whatever you probalby wont read this either:p

denang!!!that looks painfull

(who took this pic couse they are good!!!)

Oops! I’ll try reading the whole thread next time! :roll_eyes:


I’ve heard if you salt the spokes to the perfect extent they don’t taste so bad.

tottaly owned