A period of 2 days


Didnt get in much filming, some of us had work…
Well watcha think of it…

How dare you let Eminem play through my speakers.

You should be ashamed.

Cool video, there were some neat lines. That ending was kind of weird though haha.

I can’t comment on the music because after reading Borgschulze’s comment I muted the volume before it started.

great video and I love Eminem. The trials right at the beginning were great. Those 20 inch unis look so big with you guys riding them. Once you guys grow a little more you’ll be able to go huge with your tricks.


sweet footage though

as for the music we couldnt get anything else to fit so we tried Eminem and it fit…
the ending was something we did that night and we were bored and had some fun with the camera…

Way better than me. kudos.