A Perfect Shlumpf Ride

Aloha fellow unicyclist,
People that know me, know I love to MUni. Now since I got my guni29/42, I’m loving the asphalt. I’m smiling ear to ear with the perfect road coarse that I didn’t know I had… Then I learned how to shift.
We live on the foothills of the Koolau mountain range. Most of roads in this area are heavy traffic. But our neighborhood has a Botanical Garden(Hoomaluhia) and the gate is close to cars most of the time. Through the years, I rode it several times on bike and a 29er, but it didn’t really excite me. Then came gears.

Before the Schlumpf(9 months ago), I never rode anything bigger than a 29". I didn’t even try to shift gears for the 1st 3 months. But if I was going to enjoy this beautiful trail I needed to learn how to shift. Because my legs and heart aren’t that powerful, I have to downshift on the up hills. I shift gears 22 times on this 6 mile coarse. One day last week I got a perfect 22 for 22! (should post on brag thread). I’m making this place my training coarse, as I want to enter the Century Ride(25 miles) in September.
It’s a peaceful, scenic ride. Animals I’ve seen (besides lots of birds) are wild pigs and mongoose. I always knew how pretty Hoomaluhia was, but it wasn’t until the guni that I maximized the potential. I’m sure there are lots of fun guni rides out there. I have one of the best in my backyard. Tell me about yours. Opps, last hour of sunlight and the Koolau mts are calling.
Keep the blood flowing, Critter;)

Welcome to the wonderful world of gears!

I’m dying to get two more hubs; one for me and louise to put in muni’s.