A perfect Muni morning

this morning we had beautyful weather, so i decided not work…and going for a ride.
we have this cable car and chair lift only 15 minutes by car away from our house, but when we wanted going up there in spring once, they didn’t let us. so i packed the frame and saddle in my backpack and the wheelset in an other bag. today i had no problems… at 8:45 a.m. i was on 2200meters asl !!
i did a big lap on hiking trails along of five mountain lakes…it was so fantastic!! i saw also lots of animals. the lap was an up and down, at the end i was on 2600meters asl and ad a downhill back to the car which was located at 500meters asl!! such a downhill in one piece, i’ve never done before, and also without a break!! it was great, not all singletrail, but lots, some gravel road, and a short piece of asphalt.
i was back home at 12:30p.m. quite right to take a shower and pick up my two boys… well in the late afternoon i’ll have to work…

here are all the pictures (there are not many because i had to hurry up a little bit, otherwise i would have taken tons of pics…)
all are taken by tripod and timer, i used my cam, except of the picture below, because the timer of my cam is only 10sec, i didn’t make it in this time…so i used my handy-cam, which is 15sec…)

Blimey, that looks like a scary place to be hurrying around taking pictures on self-timer.


Looks like another fantastic ride for you, I recently had a week in Germeny going up a cable car several times a day and riding XC down. I never tired of the downhill buzz, the views and lengh of the rides.

If there is ever a Uni meeting in the Alps I’ll be back in a shot (I’m sure there has been already, but I’m new to this sport).

Don’t become an ex-turtle.
Stunning pictures though (you loon)


wow, great pictures!

WOW! If you keep posting pics like that you’ll end up with tour busses and great crowds of people up there!

actually, I would go on that tour bus!

we organize since three years the ELSBET. it’s a real muni convention, 4 days, with shuttle busses, no competitions, only riding and having fun. this year david weichenberger did 8800 vertical downhill meters, we did even night rides… so watch out, usually it’ll be in may/june, and we have only space for about 50 persons…

thanks for all trhe comments!
and that dangerous how it looks like wasn’t it!

that actually would be my dream job: muni guide here in the alps!

Cool pictures, that looked like an awsome Muni ride. I would like to go ride with you if you become a Muni guide:p

I dunno if you know Steve Colligan, but a couple of years back he organised a trip out to Morzine riding downhill, and even sorted out access for unicyclists to the massive lift network there. You should get in touch with him if you’re interested in trips out from the UK to ride the Alps.


I can’t even walk to the edge of a cliff like that. I get on my knees and crawl about halfway, then turn around after I start crying but before I piss myself.

Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!

holy crap! you idiot! but what an awesome idiot!

Stunning! Amazing! Those have to be the BEST Muni pictures EVER! The scenery is so beautiful there!

I’m moving to Liechtenstein.:smiley:

Wow, what a huge drop. Great pictures, thanks for posting.

Never been in “Portes du soleil” (morzine) but i’d like to. But for me it’s not the “pure” alps there, there are 25 lifts and 22 of them are taking MTB with them, so i guess a lot of “traffic” there. still for downhill it must be great, and i’d like to go there for a couple days.

for the adventure part, i prefer parts of the alps with less people and lifts.

Yeah for sure it isn’t backcountry type mountain riding. If you go there towards the end of the lift season, it is quite quiet, not too many bikers around, and it is fabulously fun (in quite a wrong way) to just ride so much descent, you can get such a long way using lifts for the uphill too, so you can get real long trips in, with 4 or 5 thousand metres of descent or more in a day.

Your muni convention sounds pretty awesome though, like you say Morzine is pretty accessible & more like just about the riding than having a proper big mountain day, it’d be great to do some riding in the really big and scary bits of the mountains some time.


Incredible pictures once again! I think I will have to buy a real camera and tripod for my rides soon. And move to the Alps… Those pics with just a muni and the landscape are nice but it’s so much nicer to see the actual riding too.

Amazing! Send that first pic in high res to Mike Penton for Uni Magazine, or for the 2010 calendar he’ll be doing!