A perfect giraffe wheel

Remember those bikes that didn’t have gears and handbreaks, and you had to pedal backwards to break? The backwheel of those bikes are perfect for a giraffe wheel. There is a peice from the wheel attached to the frame. When the wheel turned forward, this peice did nothing, when the wheel turned backwards, it would grip and stop the wheel from turning, thus breaking. Detach that peice and the wheel from the frame. Then take off that breaking peice. You will be left With a geared, uni-hubbed wheel. Perfect for a giraffe.


Have you done this or just examined it?


have I made the giraffe, no. But I did rip apart on old bike. And im just staring at it. When you turn the gear foward, the wheel goes forward, when you turn it backward, the wheel goes backward.


I just had a thought. Say you use that that peice and connect it to the frame of your uni. That would be a pretty cool stop feature. Pedal backwards to stop?


It’s called a “coaster brake”. This kind of hub has some play in it. You would be very sad when you had to do a quick little balance thing, and you had to turn the cranks a quarter turn before anything started happening down there at the wheel.

A skilled rider might be able to make it coast, though. Under certain conditions. . . .