A&P Show Demo

Yesterday I did my first major public demonstration. It was at the anual Motueka A&P Show (like a big carnival thing). At 11am, 12 noon, 1pm and 2pm I did a demo of around 10-15 minutes long each. There were two motorbike-trials riders who rode after me, followed by some freestyle Motor X rideres doing the crazy stuff they do. I just played around on the Trials course they had setup, which consisted of lots of pallets, boxes, and a truck with pallets on it, there was also a log which was good to ride a long and hop off. As I rode there was a commentater giving a bit of information about me and trying to let the crowd know what I was doing, but he didn’t know much about unicycling so he basically just described what he saw. While I was nervous in the morning all the shows went well, with a fairly decent crowd turing out for each, and it was good having a course to ride on as I didn’t have to rely on my not-so-wide range of freestyle tricks. I just played around on the course as I normally would and pretty much ignored the crowd, though it was nice to here them cheer everyone now and then. It began to rain before the third show, though it stopped as we began to ride, however still making things slippery it slightly limiting what I could do. Overall it was a good day, and despite my original fears I even had a good time, the demos were fun, the course was good, and the crowd responded well. And whats better I got paid $100 - money for having fun. It also cool because I’ve put all this money into unicycling and now im actually getting something back for it.

P.S - sorry no photos

Good job kutos to you I would never have the courage to do that

Excellent, demos are great fun aren’t they!


Yeah, like I said I was a little nervous at first but I ended out actually having a good time. And it was good publicity for unicycling, and me, hopefully I can get more such gigs in the future. But yeah it was fun.

I got in the paper

Here is an article which was in one of the local papers about the A&P show - featuring a picture of me on my ‘mono bike’

Wow, another media appearance for Peter! Congratulations, that’s great.


Yeah, good stuff Pete :slight_smile:

You’re gettin famous!

the funniest part of that article is what it says under the picture they call it a “mono” bike hahahahahahahaha

Yeah that cracked me up. I never talked to them so I guess they don’t know what a unicycle is called…and decided to go with mono bike…even though that is a complete condradiction as mono implies ‘one’ and bike comes from bicycle - bi meaning ‘two’
So its a ‘one two’. cool i rode my one two over various obstacles.

Re: A&P Show Demo

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 03:39:23 -0600, “munimanpete” wrote:

>So its a ‘one two’. cool i rode my one two over various obstacles.

Hey, I too want to ‘one two’. :slight_smile:

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Pretty cool. I like the mono bike.

It’s always interesting to hear what people come up with when they see us.

Just got back from doing the same thing this year. Rode with the same two guys as last year, course was a bit different but similar obstacles, lots ridable for me. Was really good weather, got pretty hot. Again it was fun and I got paid :smiley:

man petey thats really cool. ive done fairly big shows and it can be nerveracking thats awesome you got paid and had fun at the samee time too man-im so jealous.

wow, getting paid to ride your uni, i dont think it could get any better than that. wait maby if there were some bikini models there…:smiley:

Nice one, Pete! Go the A & P show!