A North Shore Shred!

A North Shore Shred
One day, I found myself staring at my camera and realized I didn’t know what my next project would be. A sequel to Atlantis or This Is British Columbia was not possible, and while a KH29er video loomed in the future, I wanted to film something in the meantime. I wanted to film something fun, something fast, and in a less-pressured situation. This edit fits that bill. A North Shore Shred takes place on Pingu and Boogieman, two classic North Shore trails and two trails I grew up riding with the Vancouver Unicycling Club. This edit shows a typical one-wheeled ride on the North Shore for me, and was a lot of fun to make!

That was better than awesome

Wonderful vid. I can’t stop from falling in love with the Canadian North Shore a bit more each time :wink:

Wow you ride so smooth ! the spot, the rider, the music … wonderful video ! Thanks a lot !


Yes the North Shore is a very addictive place =)

Tremendous riding!

It looks like you use much higher psi than most muni-riders, which accounts for your unusual speed – what tire pressure do you use?

Great video! Great riding! It makes you want to get out there and do some riding :smiley:

I use a tire pressure that allows me to jump off of ~3 foot drops and land on rocks or roots without getting a pinch flat. This tire pressure will change with the rider… I’ll get a number for you soon!

Oh yes, that was a shred!!
One of the best muni videos ever… Thanks!

:smiley: That was among your best :smiley:

I keep thinking it’d be cool to see riders at your level in a regular downhill mtb race. Maybe it’d get it’s own category and spred the growth of Muni. If you can hit stuff l like that consistently you could beat a buch of the bikers (as long as it was mostly like that & not many high speed parts). I bet lots of time to preview/practice of the course would be more crutial than for MTBrs, unless you can learn it well enough REALLY fast.

It would be interesting for sure. It would also be a good way to gain respect from our two wheeled cousins. I can definitely keep up to bikers on some technical sections… but as soon as the trail becomes more bike friendly the ability to coast, stability of two wheels, and momentum efficiency gives them a big advantage, especially bikers that are good on technical trails.

Consistency on the the uni is a big drawback for riding technical downhill with bikes. I can ride fast, and I can ride big, but if I was to be a good racer I’d ave to work on hitting lines every time first try. Of course, another issue of riding with bikes is the physicality of unicycling. It would be a very interesting experiment though.

I guess those bikers are not racing oriented? I think even the best unicyclists would not have the slightest chance in a MTB downhill competition… but well, I’m ready to be proven wrong :wink:

The problem is that even if it’s only a tiny little bit bike friendly, it will still be quite challenging for unicycles. I for myself can keep up only with the slowest of bikers on REALLY difficult sections.

Oh yeah, no the best unicyclists vs the best bikers, or even good bikers would be a blowout. But the best unicyclists vs average mountain bikers is doable, on trails that are unicycle friendly :slight_smile: I was thinking along the lines of a fun race or recreational race, open to the general community.
but even still, for a unicycle to win, or even be competitive in a “just for fun downhill race”, you would need the perfect trail… bikes are just too efficient speed wise.

Just measured the tire PSI… came to just under 30, maybe it was 30 during the filming of the video a few weeks ago.

I’ve seen vids of World Cup races and some tracks (a definite minority) I would say would be uni friendly for 85+% for someone like you or Ryan and the parts that were fast or momentum had a large advantage were so minimal, that you could beat 10-20% of the finishers if you got a good run.

The key I think would be course knowledge & consistency. I’ve seen 10+ riders here that could do well IMO if they were able to get those two things. Would be cool if we could get all of you in one WC race.

If there were a few good showings I bet the track designers could be convinced to make more of them uni friendly for the top riders.