A newb with a question about... Downstairs.

Hello to to the unicycling community. I got my first unicycle earlier and i’ve been doing a bit of practising and i’m starting to get the hang of it.

BUT I have a question that i’m sure is common with unicycling, How do i stop my nuts from hurting? After a few minutes of practising i get some pain down there, I presume that it is just my saddle as i have a cheap unicycle that i got for free off my dad’s friend. If so any suggestions for a cheap, comfortable saddle.

Get a comfier saddle (KH Street, Freeride, ect).
You can also try repositioning the saddle but that won’t fix an uncomfortable saddle.

Well, the key to staving off uncomfort down there is really all about taking the right precautionary measures.

For starters, if you use the search function we won’t kick you down there :roll_eyes:

Interestingly enough, when I started riding I had no pain in my nuts. I imagine it’s because I didn’t sit on them. :wink:

Well i don’t sit on them I do position myself first it’s just when I need to jump of or I fall.

You need a better seat…but first try changing the seat angle on the seat post so the nose is higher, try some bike shorts, try raising or lower the seat post, and try moving your nuts out of the way.

But really, it’s part of the deal, unicycling is not nut friendly.

I don’t think that riding a unicycle has to result in sore gonads. Maybe it’s just me, but, I feel like unless you are riding with poor form then you shouldn’t have enough discomfort to make you ask on the internet about it. There might be a slight discomfort, but you shouldn’t feel any more sore than you do after riding a b*ke.

Try out a new seat and see if that helps, if not, then maybe try playing with seat height and your position on the uni. If that doesn’t work you could always become a eunich, a unicycling eunich… wheeeee :roll_eyes:

Try and keep about 1/3 of your weight on the pedals. Not all shorts/pants are created equal. Gel seats are really comfy.

IMO bike shorts are good for distance. They tend to hold my junk in position TOO well so many UPD’s result in junk squashing because they can’t be “jiggled” free. I do wear them and will always when I plan on riding for a while.
Your crotch will be sore for a few months while riding. Get use to it. After you try different types/ heights/ seats you feel what feels best. You gonna get the mount down better and learn how to “relieve” pressure as soon as you land.
Good Luck, just keep going.

A great deal depends on what saddle you have. My old schwinn killed, like a stabbing pain that you just had to go numb to after about 5 minutes… then I got a KH Freeride. Night and day. It was so much more comfortable that I wondered if I was even riding a uni. Granted the pressure eventually gets to me, but it usually takes a few hours of solid riding and it never gets to the point of stabbing pain.

Something to look into at least.

When i started learning on your cheap 20" no-name uni, as soon as i was able to go for more than 2 or 3 meters the pain was becoming quite irritating.
Besides getting everything into the right place before mounting the uni because i like boxers, can’t stand briefs, like it when there’s at least some room for everything to dangle. Lucky i found cycling-boxers.
After changing the saddle everything got better.
My personal saddle ranking right now is:
worst: Cheap-no-name is
better: FishBone
even Better: Qu-Ax Standard
even more better: UDC CLub (a.k.a. Nimbus Standard)
best: Qu-Ax Freestyle

I never tried a KH Freeride or a Nimbus Gel which i expect to be even more comfier.

When i plan on riding longer distances with the Quax 20" or 24" Luxus i tend to put on a regular cycling-shorts (even though i hate the constriction) AND the cycling-boxers.
But i still have to do some positioning of parts before i mount.

So having a good seat and the right trousers/shorts are two keys to happy unicycling. (and jeans are always a killer, regardless how comfortable the saddle is)



For distance “Butt Butter” is essential!!!

I’m really 12 on the inside

When these threads come up, I have to work so hard to hold my inner 12-year-old back form posting all sorts of sick and wrong pics and suggestions . . . I can’t be alone in this can I???

Anyway, I’m at work where NSFW stuff is out, so any other 12 year olds out there want to throw thier answers or suggestions into the ring?

I mean the guy is asking for our help with his aching. . . “downstairs” Come on, who is gonna help him out today?

anyone, anyone, anyone?


I actually thought about starting, or looking for an already existing thread about the way you take care of your primary sexual organ. And your butt if you really ride long distances.

The first facts i would have wanted to know is what kind of underwear you actually wear most of the time. i prefer boxers in this case, wide boxers. i prefer to have some room “downstairs”.

Second is the question what side do you prefer to have your privat parts. To the left in my case, just happens to be that way.

Then, knowing all this, i would like to ask how you place everything when riding the uni.
Most of the time i wear boxers and the cycling-boxer (padded), for longer rides on the 20" and 24" i wear an additional cycling-short.

That’s with Qu-Ax Standard and Freeride saddle. Would like to tryout a kh saddle, or a nimbus gel.