A New Uni Dealer?

I wish that the currency exchange place in the picture was actually a Uni Dealership! That would be cool! I took the picture in Copenhagen after FLUCK.


UniExchange (600 x 530).jpg

I remember that place.

We should’ve all walked in at once and demanded to give us different unis. Wouldn’t that be funny?

It’s not that useful of a place

One KH is worth 1.07 Koxx, so you don’t get an extra seat post with it, they give you a bag of 17 nuts and 4 spokes as change. What are you going to do with that ?
Even worse, all KH owners know our uni’s are worth an infinite number of torkers, yet they will only give you three. Of course that is still to heavy to carry away…

You must be Kris Holm’s wife because all you talk about is how great his uni’s are. But seriously you should stop with the whole “KH uni’s are the Best!” attitude.

I’m sorry if I implied Torker’s are the worst

Geez…, I’m only joking. Who would have thought black riders could be so sensitive. Besides, Torkers aren’t the worst. Shlumphs are. They cost 5 x as much and yet the exchange rate is only 1 to 1.5.


I’m not being sensitive it’s just every time I see you post something it generally has something to do with how “KH uni’s are the Best!”. I’m not trying to insult you or anything its just annoying thats all. Everyone already knows there good unicycles, we don’t need a 24/7 advertisment in the forums thats all.

By the way I’m not black…I’m not even sure where you got that from but thats whatever.

That reminds me how either Kit or Joe was trying to sell broken Joe Hodges’s seatpost to Forrest. That was sweet.