A new trick learned! (and one to learn)

I just learned how to stand on my cranks, drop the seat, stop it with my foot and bring it back up. I’m not sure what that’s called but I’ve seen it alot. Now I want to learn to do a wrap around (unsure of name) where you stand on your cranks, go from seat in front to seat in back by lifting your leg up and pulling the seat around your body. Any tips on how to do that would be really nice.

You Learned a Seat Drop. The next thing you can do is drop the seat, spin 180, then bring the seat back up.

I’m not sure if you’re talking about a Seat Wrap or a Leg Wrap. In a Leg Wrap, you wrap one leg aroung the seat one time. This can be done multiple times in a row, like in Xavier’s video Vener. He does it five times in a row in the beginning.

The other Wrap is called a Seat Wrap, where you bring the seat all the way around your body. This was more difficult to learn for me because I have a tendency to fall forward, but I need a fairly centered balance to perform it. I can do them about %33 of the time now. First I learned Leg Wraps pretty good, untill I could manage two Leg Wraps almost anytime, and i managed to get four leg wraps at three different times. Once I had this down pretty good, I tried to lean back a little more so my center of gravity was over the center, then I would do one Leg Wrap but pass the seat to my other hand behind my back and mount my foot, the do the opposite motion with my other leg.