A new trials obstacle (I've never seen one of these before)...

Well I’ve been at it again on my lovely jigsaw. :slight_smile: Today I made a strange little thing with a plank sticking up to jump onto and gap to and from. It will be very challenging to do (for me) but should really help improve my technique with that sort of thing. I’m going to eventually make two or three more and film some gapping between them for my movie. They take (me) a fair while to make though.

If you want to know exactly how I made it keep your eyes on the trials obstcles thread in the next day or two. I’ll eventually write up a thing on how to make them. You see a lot from the photos anyway.

Don’t mind all the white bits in the last photos in the gallery…I just went a bit glue crazy as I was worried about the strength of it. It feel pretty damn solid though. I’ll try it out tomorrow when it’s all dry.

Here are the photos - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albup15


Where are you getting all that wood from. My dad said that about of wood would cost ALOT of money… And I know some of those aren’t offcuts, way too long. I guess the little supports could be made of offcuts though.

So yeah where you getting it? Buying any of it?

Thanks, Robbie.

No, I couldn’t afford to buy all that wood. How much is it worth (like per metre)? My neighbour built his daughter a BIG cubby house and also just finished extending his veranda. He gave all of this wood to me. I’d say I had about 10m of that stuff before I started building bits and pieces and I’ve still got about another 10m of crappier looking bits (which should still be rather useful). Not a bad find hey!


Well I tried it out and clearly I need to do a lot of practice (at least to make myself more confident). I will eventually make a line of them to hop between though. Here’s a 3 second video…



I am sure you made a sandwhich board you said that you could do loads on them but what?I saw you made a see saw, i think ,but what else can you do with them?

The main thing, for me at least, is doing lots of gaps at different angles and heights and stuff like that. I like to push my limits with side hops from one to another. The landing can get pretty challenging because the surface is so small. Also, you can build some getting higher and higher and line them up to hop up them onto something really high. You can, as you said, use them for very rickety see-saws and to rest planks of wood on to ride along. You can wedge unicycle tyres into them so they just sit there (with the help of a few rocks) for free-standing suicide mounts. As you may have already seen at www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuu61 , you can then do running suicide mounts and reverse suicide mounts and jump from one sandwich board (without the uni) and land on the propped up uni.

They’re great! You just have to build some for yourself and be imaginative. I’m sure there are many more applications for them.


thats cool. i too really need to work on jumping on little things. i have nowhere to practice on campus and i know there are a lot at comps so i gotta find some wood and make something. keep up the good work.