A new toy

Ok, so two days ago I received much anticipated big package
with the new qu-ax 36er :smiley:
The second picture is a close-up of the side of the rim for those
who are curious.
It rides really nice and smooth – indeed it’s a way different experience from riding smaller wheels: it’s awesome!
I ordered T7 handle with KH Freeride saddle as well. And both are great
additions. I enjoy even looking at this uni let alone riding it! :smiley:

I can’t freemount the beast yet and I’m having hard time trying to do it :frowning:
Especially when the back of the handle goes in the way and makes bruises on my thighs (anyone got any tips about it?)

Hi Jedrzej,

That looks like a mighty fine beast you have there!

Just a couple of questions which aren’t obvious from the photos, but is it a splined hub on there? And is it the Radial TA tyre which they use?

Oh, and is the rim made in one piece (ie just one welded seam on it, or two) ?

As for freemounting… well, it’s just like learning to freemount any other unicycle really. Only bigger. I still struggle myself if it’s up hill, or if my legs are very tired, but it helps to start with the wheel slightly further back than normal, push it slightly forward as you jump up. I have several bruises on my inner thigh right now, but all of those are from dismounts, not from mounting.



Looks awesome. It’d be really interesting to see how the 48-spoke wheel with a normal hub matches up against the UDC offerings with wide hub…

Way Cool

I also bought a Nimbus 36er. I was learning to freemount by using a curb to stop the wheel from rolling back. And then I sprained my ankle at work so I am out of commisson for a while.Just keep practicing.

Welcome to the wonderful world of big wheels. :smiley:

I’m still having problems with freemounting - I’m at about 30% success at the moment. I also some problems with bruising initially but you soon learn to mount in a manner that doesn’t hit the back of the handle.

I wish you as many happy miles on your big wheel as I have had on mine.

Thanks, and it begs to be ridden! :smiley: I’ve just returned from 20km evening ride
and I want more :sunglasses:

Yeah, the rim is made in one piece, it doesn’t look like welded though, but I know nothing about metallurgy so I can be wrong. I can send you a pic
of the joint if you want.

yeah, right… higher to hop on higher to fall from :wink: Fortunately I succeded twice today using rolling mount.

Unfortunately I’m probably the only one riding 36er in c.a. 500km diameter :frowning:
So I can’t really compare.
But I think Dustin Schaap has both and even compared them in this thread.

Thanks, Cathy! I can’t wait till tomorrow evening when I hop on again. Also I almost forgot about my other unis after getting this one! :smiley:

One has to remember that he is sponsored by Qu-Ax.