A new T-shirt logo...

I thought of this little phrase while riding MUni about a week ago. I know it’s not the best art design, but It’s just for fun. Makes me wish I had photshop. If anyone wants to tweak the artwork/font that’d be cool! :smiley:

Looks pretty cool:D

Would it be on the back or front?

I think it’d look cool if were large on the back and something similar/related, but smaller on the front. Or visa/versa.

Well, anything on the back of the shirt isn’t really practical since I wear a backpack 99% of the time when riding.:o

I had a similar idea using the word “mono” a while back and did make a shirt out of this: (Got milk parody)


May cause some adverse “reactions”. :roll_eyes:

Relationships to disease could be a bad thing.:frowning:

That’s the point lol! :slight_smile:

Here’s a new T-shirt design I made for the audition; I came up with this expression as a quote for an older newspaper article, and now I use it as kind of “tag” and on cards I hand out.


Both shirts are great but what about using the Unicyclist.com logo on the front where a pocket would be. I think our logo is pimp.

The Got Mono? is my fav and would deff buy a few :sunglasses:

nice!! though i like going to the next extreme, just one wheel a time

Well, the guy from UDC canada (I think) asked my permission to use my “Got Mono” idea for a Tshirt, and I said sure, as long as he gave me credit…and some shirts of course!

I liked the stereo one as well since I’m a musician but the Got Mono is uber catchy :smiley:

I may just borrow the stereo and mono phrase idea lol.
I shall return!

“Over 50, and going to the extreme …”

I wish you a nice journey. Don’t forget to write a postcard when you’re there!

Done! I’m always there when I’m riding! :smiley:


‘Got Mono’ is cool. Like ‘Listen in Stereo, Ride in Mono’ too!

Another one could be:

Mono a Mono

(a play on ‘mano o mano’)

but… I still love the cycling ninja! :smiley:

Hey Terry! You don’t need to lay out muchos $ on Photoshop. You can get an Open Source (Free) program called Gimp. It is very like Photoshop in its interface and very similar to use :slight_smile: Download and install free:

PS: nice design, think I’l have a go.

I like the Mono/Contagious one as it is.

I have a tweak for the Mono/Stereo though. Something on the lines of:

“Riding MONO…More Intense than Three Dimensional Surround Sound”

That may need work too but you get the idea.


+1 for GIMP
It is one of the more useful image editing programs I use, also good to convert image file formats (IrFanView is also good for image conversion).

“Where’s the Gimp?”

“The Gimp’s asleep.”

“Well, wake him up!”

Would not work on my laptop, even though it says it works on windows 2000 and above.:frowning:

Try Paint.Net or Inkscape. They are both very useful programs.