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As a satire and parity of Extreme Ironing, Extreme IDling is the newest “style” into the unicycling community.
It’s all the goodness of Extreme Ironing, with more extremity because there’s a focus on more risk!

Ever wanted to idle:
. on one of the local police cruisers?
. on the countertop at a McDonald’s?
. in a flying jumbo jet?
. within 15 feet of the President?
. on the edge of a cliff?
. in a bank with a ski mask on?
. in heavy traffic with pedestrians?
or in raw sewage?

With Extreme IDling . . . Now you can!
The key is creativity. Rather than restrictively define places, times, and styles of idling, I’ll leave it up to the participants to create idling missions, execute and photograph them. The sport will evolve from there!

As long as there is a risk of injury, incarceration, or humiliation (or any word that rhymes with the latter two) it qualifies!
Example: Getting the mail from your mailbox doesn’t count - unless you’re naked and it’s daylight.

Rules, Guidlines and Legal Stuff.
There are no levels or points. Only a Master and Students.
The “Master” of the sport is selected via a popularity contest of submitted photographs.
All other participants are “Students.”
The Master shall be called “Master” and can blurt “go back to the temple and learn, your skills are weak!” at anytime orally or written, or cause the same to be done amoung participants.
Legal Disclaimers must be present at each “competition”
All competitions are to be held online using photographs and are open for anyone to compete.
Like Extreme Ironing, the sport is closely coupled with photography: Photos should be taken with the cranks in 6 and 12 o’clock.
Any wheel size can be used. Bikes, trikes, and recumbants allowed.
No devices without pedals, cranks and a rolling wheel allowed.
Pictures cannot be graphically created.
Extreme IDling must be “called.” To prevent idles from being accidently captured the rider must bust out with “Extreme IDling!” at the time of the idle.
References to Exteme IDling must always be spelled with a capital “D”
On the honor system: The photos submitted must have a true “idle” captured (i.e. not a downhill descent where the cranks are 6 and 12)

Legal Disclaimer:
Participate in Extreme IDling at your own risk. The participants do not endorse illegal or immoral activities including but not limited to defacing or damaging property, harming living beings or breaking laws. Not recommended for level 1 or very inexperienced riders. (Some Esq. can help me develop that a bit, hopefully)

Credits to and Inspiration by
This quote relating “Extreme Ironing” to “Extreme unicycling”
The invention of “rolling trials”
Klown Life’s vid
The thread of backwards and idle minds

Phoptos may be somewhere for some of these:

I’ve Extreme IDled:

On top of a church tower near Bristol
On the balcony of a 100 foot monument in Hertfordshire
On top of the keep of Warwick Castle
On a floating pontoon at Home Pierrepoint National Water Sports Centre

I want to see someone idle with an invisible fence dog collar on, over the invisible fence. Only then will I say your Kung Fu is strong.

I know, after reading the detailed rules (thanks), that although I excitedly thought this was an eXtreme IDle, but alas doesn’t qualify as it was more a still stand and the pedals are in 3-9 (there wasn’t enough space to idle, if that helps to apease my concience). Still, being the top of Snowdon, the highest point in England and Wales seemed like quite a good candidate for this thread.

Snowdon summit

Has anyone else ever done this - I wonder if it might be a nice little ‘first’, or has someone else has claimed that already?



I can’t idle… yet. :roll_eyes:

Better get on that, it is one of the most import skills a unicyclist can have.:wink:

there’s a sport kinda like this one and extreme ironing, but it doesn’t actually have a name. if it did, it would be EXTREME SPEEDCUBING!! the most extreme places to solve a Rubiks Cube! I’ve solved a cube underwater, at the top of the CN Tower, while riding a roller coaster, and others have solved it while skydiving, wakeboarding, and OF COURSE while idling!!

check 'em all out at speedcubing.com

Here’s one of me own. Extreme half-naked-cross-dressing underwear-on-the-outside idling!


If you weren’t 11 that would be funny… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m not sure that counts. it looks like you’re in your garage. hell the rules even mention that naked doesn’t count unless it’s daylight and you’re outside. this needs to be in the attire thread, not here. try actaully going somewhere.

extreme idling
(while connected to . . . . . .)


Has anyone else ever done this - I wonder if it might be a nice little ‘first’, or has someone else has claimed that already?[/QUOTE]

Sorry Sam, did that a couple of years ago and i’m by no means the first, people have been riding snowdon for a long time. Now if anyone has actually idled on top of the trig point (big stone post) right at the top of snowdon then that may be a first, we considered it but the fall is some distance if you cock it up and then of course you’re stuck up a mountian with whatever injury you have. Also it’s probably large enough to take an idling 20" wheel, and we were all on 24" or 26".

I think Sam might have beaten you on this one, the picture is dated March 2004. But I think various people mounted on the trig point at the top of Snowdon at the BMW I led, which was October 2003.

I dunno if anyone rode Snowdon before that, except for Noel Holland in 2002 and me in 2001. Neither me or Noel are the sort of people who’d do silly stuff like that, so unless there’s someone else out there who went up Snowdon before, I’d guess whoever did the climby thing on Oct 2003 was the first. Anyone?


I’ve juggled on top of that trig point . . . and at the top of Cadair Idris.

Our first Snowdon trip was December 2003.


i think seager has the competition beat for extreme idling… he is level 10.5 o_0…

(masterbation while idling)