A new short BC movie.

Yep, i have been wanting to make a good bc movie for a while now but i just hanvt goten the time to get off my computer chair and go down town and film in good places to ride. So, bacicly, i took all the stuff that wasnt good enough to make it into my good video, the stuff i didnt want to throw away, but wasnt quite good enough to go itno my big movie, and tossed it into this…http://unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=159751

i hope you like it…

il have a better one out when i get downtown to film some more

It looks like you have riding backwards down perdy dern good, and those jumps are insane! you were going kinda fast in that first shot, too. have you ever clocked your highest speed?

17.8mph is my fastest

Ahhhhh, youth.

I can’t even remember being 14 years old and invincible. Oh well, will have to be 39 and almost invincible.

Keep up the crazy stuff while you can and it does not hurt that much.

That was really cool. Is it easier or harder with a bigger bc wheel? I’ve only ever ridden a 20".

Great! Those hops were huge, and the backwards curb hop was really nice.


By Our Lady!(bl…y) Waw!!! :roll_eyes:

i like it. though ive decided ill never get a bc it looks really fun man. and cool hops.

Its really not harder or easyer, its just diffrent, for going down hills the fat wheel helps ALOT, it makes it run smoother, your wobbles dont get as dramatic…

those jumps were insanely big!


cool. you can probably already do that curb thing. Run into it, go the other way.

Awesome, I’ll have to get a hold of one sometime…I’ve only ever ridden 2 of them, For the first time on saturday. But I think it’s awesome, so I"m gonna try get hold of one…with a nice fat wheel now. Thanks a bunch!! You really do have some brilliant jumps. Massivley high!

wow, that opening shot makes the whole thing. Brilliant!

What kind of plates are those. Look more of a two pronged fork then a plate really. Nice riding bytheway.

awesome riding… just the music… but yea awesome riding dude… I suck so bad at bc wheelin… I can hop on a curb ! yay


i still say you should pioneer the BC somerault. that would be wicked awesome. or a front flip.

I do!

I look forward to seeing some urban BC! Your wheels are definitely begging for some ledges and stairsets (I hope you wear some more armor)

Are you the one i played jenga with at cmw? with bevan and jeff?