A new realization

Well i finally realized i hate biking… Its so high matinence… so many parts to break…


i think I’ll just sit here and whine till either i get some new cranks fer my uni or money for the millions of broken parts of my bike…

Yeah, uni’s are soo much better than bikes! In my humble opinion.
So, you used to be a biker, but now you’re a newbie unicyclist? I didn’t quite understand your post, sorry.

The word “newbie” wasn’t the first to spring to mind after seeing that video of a huge jump up some pallets… :slight_smile:

Unicycles you can strip down and rebuild in not very long at all… bikes, on the other hand, would take ages… mine needs a new bottom bracket, but there are millions of different sizes and I have no idea which it needs… :frowning:


and no friendly forum sites where u can ask…

naw i’m a trials biker… and a unicycler