A New Learner in China deciding on the right place to start

I’ve never ridden before. Used to live in the Arizona desert and found a mountain unicycling club out pretty often riding the trails I would hike on with their high end wheels. Spoke to them on occasion, and decided I would learn. Now that I ended up in China, I have lots of time on my hands and I’d really like to learn. I figured I’d eventually get a Kris Holm Trials or the 24" model but for learning, I think I shouldn’t start there. I’m about 5’7 and have a fairly athletic build. Would 20 be a good size to start on for me? Been searching out models, I like the looks of this one, and it looks like it’ll hold up for a beginner.


Then there’s also this one, a bit higher end maybe?


Could someone help to guide a new learner in China on a good place to begin?

20" is slow. Both those unicycles are aimed at Trials and Street riding, or otherwise carousing around with little worry of crank and hub breakage. But if you want to go somewhere, I’d go for a 24" or larger wheel. Both of the unicycles shown are good ones, but I know little about them and can’t read the site to see what the differences are.

For riding trails, I recommend 24" or 26". Unless you’re really short, those sizes shouldn’t be noticeably harder to learn to ride on. Just be aware that knobby tires don’t roll as well on pavement, so you might be better off learning on some flat, smooth dirt somewhere. With something to hold onto, of course.

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