A new LA, CA unicyclist coming your way (I'm Moving!)

Well it is now official that I am moving to sunny California in a week or two!! I’ve had too much of this cold here in MN my whole life so I’ve decided to try something new and take advantage of my situation of getting laid off. I am so excited and now I’ll be able to unicycle, learn to surf and play disc golf all year long! :slight_smile:

I will be moving in with some friends in Huntington Beach and wanted to give all the LA unicyclist a heads up that I’ll be there in a few weeks. Is there any type of LA unicycle email list or something I could get on for rides and such? I’m into street, trials and MUni as well as freestyle and I love hockey (and really want to try starting it up if I can find enough people to play).

So I’ll be leaving in 1-2 weeks and going from MN over to Seattle, WA then head down the coast and take US 1 all the way down to LA. Along the entire trip I’d love to stop by different people’s houses and visit, go for a ride and possibly spend a night or two with them. If you are along the way and it’d be OK if I stopped by, please let me know here. I know for sure in Seattle I want to hit up a few people (Irene Genilin, Dan Heaton, etc.) and for sure some of the Northern CA guys (John Foss, Jess Reigel, Hoover’s, etc.). If you know of someone that might be along the way, please refer them to this thread, that’d be great!

I plan to take about 2-3 weeks to travel from Minneapolis to LA as I’m in no hurry. Hope to see some of you guys soon. I don’t have specific dates yet as to where I’ll be and what days but I’ll post more info when I figure it all out.

Hey Jamey,

Great to hear that you did decide to move to CA! Best luck.

That’s great you’ll be headin’ this way! Huntington beach is pretty close to me too. I usually get together with several friends on the weekends, mostly sundays, for MUni in the OC area, which is really only a stone’s throw from HB. I’m also getting into street riding more and plan on upgrading to an '07 kh trials next week, woot! So feel free to PM me when you get in town and are ready for a Muni/street session!:smiley:

^^ Sweet! I’ll PM you when I arrive.

Cool, I think its a little less than an hour and a half from me. Mapquest says about 75 miles to Huntington Beach.

I recently got a Nimbus 36 and have been on rides throughout Hollywood and Santa Monica. The bike path in Santa Monica/Venice is an awesome ride on a 36.

I live in Irvine. I mostly MUni at trails nearby and ride along Huntington Beach bike path (my avatar is me riding at Huntington Beach). There’s lots of MUni trails here in OC. See you around. :slight_smile:

me and a whole bunch of riders are in SD, which is like a 2 hour drive or something. We have some awesome trails here.

When you stop in Seattle, be sure to hit up the Seattle Area Riders group. That includes Greg Harper, John Childs, myself, Tom Blackwood, Irene Genelin, Pete Perron (unisk8r) and a few other non-posters. PM me or any other member if you want to sign up for the email list, and we can give you instructions.

Congratulations on taking this risk. I have no actual help, but just want to tell you how cool I think you are for doing this. It is something I have always dreamed of doing.

:smiley: South OC OR san Juan Capistrano :smiley:

Yeah Jamey, definitely let us know when you think you’ll be passing through. Unless we’re out of town you’ve got to stop by and I’ll take you on the local trail of your choice! Afternoon temps in the 60s!

“So I’ll be leaving in 1-2 weeks and going from MN over to Seattle, WA then head down the coast and take US 1 all the way down to LA.”

You’ll be driving right through Santa Barbara so give a shout when you’re a week away.


Huntington is bout 1 hour away from me, I was there almost every weekend last year lol. When will you be home :smiley:

I thought you meant South Dakota for a long time but now just saw you’re aviator info and figured it out! I’ll defintely be making a San Diego trip sooner or later and will let you guys know when I do.

I will definitely going to try and hit up the Seattle group and am actually just starting to look at a map and figure out rough dates and time for my trip. Will post when I have it figured out.

Thanks for al the replies so far!

I’m in Oc about 30 minutes from you and lots of Muni half way between us. Drop a line, we ride all the time.